Masked Christmas Ornament

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use yarn as a mask to create a fun effect on a foam ornament this holiday season!


  • Foam Balls and Block
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Drop cloth or scrap papers to protect surface
  • Yarn


Step 1. Gather your materials.

Simply Spray Christmas Craft

Kids Craft Christmas Ornament

Step 2.

Wrap yarn around foam ball in a random pattern.

DIY Christmas Ornament

Step 3.

Stick foam ball wrapped with yarn on wooden dowel.

how to make Christmas Ornaments

Step 4.

Stick the dowel in a foam block to secure. Apply an even coat of red Simply Spray Project Paint to cover all exposed areas of the ball. Allow the paint to dry approximately 60 minutes or until paint feels dry when touched.

Easy Christmas Ornaments

Step 5.

Take foam ball off dowel and remove the yarn. You will see that the yarn masked the spray to create a fun design!

Christmas Ornaments

Step 6.

Place a craft foam hook in the top of the foam ball.

Crafts Christmas Ornaments

Step 7.

Cut a piece of ribbon and loop it through the ornament hanger. Tie the two ends of the ribbon together and hang on your tree!