Nativity Scene Ornament

Create a miniature wood stick nativity scene to hang on the tree or just have on display!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Glue (7) wood craft sticks to (2) mini craft sticks, as shown. Repeat this step to create (2) separate panels.


Step 3.


Glue (5) wood craft sticks to (2) mini craft sticks, as shown.


Step 4.


Paint the panels from Steps 2-4 brown.


Step 5.


For Mary and Joseph, fold a white fuzzy stick in half and string on (3) wood beads, making sure the smallest is at the top, as it is the head. Use (2) larger wood beads for the body. For baby Jesus, use a smaller wood bead for the head and wood beads that are the size of Mary and Joseph’s heads for his body.


Step 6.


Cut off the excess fuzzy stick on the top and bottom of all of the figurines.


Step 7.


Use hot glue or craft glue on the top and bottom of the figurines to secure.


Step 8.


For Joseph’s clothes use a dark blue piece of adhesive craft foam. Lay the figurine on the adhesive side on the craft foam and wrap one corner around as shown.


Step 9.


Wrap the other side of craft foam across the figurine’s chest.


Step 10.


Cut off the excess craft foam.


Step 11.


For Mary’s clothes, repeat Steps 10-12 using light blue craft foam. For Mary’s veil, place the figurine on the non-adhesive side of white craft foam. Trace around the figurine as shown.


Step 12.


Cut out the veil.


Step 13.


Peel off the backing of the adhesive craft foam and shape it around Mary’s head and body as shown.


Step 14.


For baby Jesus, use white adhesive craft foam to wrap around his body the same as Joseph and Mary, but keep some of the excess and wrap it under his body as shown.


Step 15.


Glue the figurines to the panel from Step 4.


Step 16.


Using the two panels from Step 2, hot glue them in a triangle shape to the bottom panel as shown.


Step 17.


Glue a gold acrylic star jewel to the top of the triangle.


Step 18.


Thread a piece of friendship thread through the holes on the top of the triangle if you wish to hang this from your tree!