Orange as a pumpkin, black as a cat, Halloween is coming, and we have crafts for that! Whether your students need a class party project or the family wants a weekend activity, wicked awesome Halloween crafts are the perfect way to unleash creativity this spooky season. From counting games to yard decorations and even costume accessories — scare and prepare for Halloween with these 10 frightfully fun crafts!


1. 5 Little Rhyming Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate!

five little pumpkins craft

Who doesn’t love a little rhyme time? Paint, glue, and move these 5 Little Pumpkins around their fence as you sing along to the nursery rhyme for an interactive art experience. This recycled project is perfect for young crafters learning their numbers and fine motor skills. Gather a few fun sensory materials, like fuzzy sticks and wiggly eyes, for the ultimate sing-along!


2. Eye-Catching Halloween Frame!

halloween frame craft

Creep it real and frame your favorite witches! Customize a wooden frame by gluing on wiggly eyes of all different sizes. Paint the background with festive colors like black, orange, and purple — or just keep it simple and write “Always Watching” in a fun font! However you choose to decorate, all eyes will be on this picture-perfect DIY frame!


3. Glowing Jack-O-Lanterns Yard Sticks!

jack o lantern crafts

Skip the messy pumpkin carving this year and head straight for the fun! Create glowing jack-o-lanterns out of craft sticks by gluing them into a square shape. Then, paint on neon, glow-in-the-dark paint, give them some swirly, green fuzzy stick stems, and add wooden dowels to the back. Line them outside on the edge of a walkway or front porch staircase to make these craft stick jack-o-lanterns the cutest pumpkins in your patch!


4. Mons-terrific Melting Mates!

halloween melty beads

Warm up those chilly Autumn days with these boo-tiful melty bead characters! From witches to black cats, scarecrows and vampire bats — choose between 10 classic Halloween figures to start your arts and crafts session! You can use this quick at-home craft to teach colors, numbers, and shapes, too. So, heat up the iron and get ready for some spooktacularly fun learning!


5. Beaded Boo Crew!

skull keychainpumpkin keychain

Accessorize any backpack, lanyard, or keyring with Halloween-inspired bead pets! Choose between the jack-o-lantern or skeleton skull — then gather some colorful pony beads, cording, and a keyring. Spend an Autumn afternoon threading the beads in different patterns to create pets that are just too cute to spook! Once you’re done, attach them to any accessory or pack them in Halloween gift bags!


6. The Cutest Creepy-Crawlers!

halloween spider craft

Whether you’re decorating a bulletin board or looking for a mommy & me at-home craft, fall into the Halloween spirit with these foam ball spiders! Explore different textures with black fuzzy sticks, foam, and paint while creating these eight-legged creatures. This lightweight craft is easy to hang in a classroom, staple to a board, or even tape to a window! Who could be afraid of these itsy-bitsy spiders?!


7. WAND-erful Homemade Accessories!

spider wand

Every witch or wizard needs their wand! Gather your craft materials and follow this step-by-step video to create an accessory that completes any fiery warlock or perfect princess costume! Or, maybe a wicked witch needs a webbed wand to cast her spells. Before you know it, the magic of Halloween will be in your hands!


8. Daring Disguises!

halloween cat and bat masks

Whatever you decide to dress up as this Halloween season, you’ll have the perfect mask to match! Follow our printable templates to create kitty cat and spooky bat felt masks, learn how to decorate princess and monster masks with this video tutorial, or customize your own jack-o-lantern mask — the DIY possibilities are endless this spooky season! Add finishing touch to your costume with craft supplies from home — just style your masks with felt, pom balls, fuzzy sticks, and paints!


9. Sparkling Spider Web!

halloween spider craft

All that glitters is…recycled! Save old cartons and create an egg cup spider out of black paint, fuzzy sticks, and wiggly eyes! Then, use our template to practice your tracing skills as you outline the web, and make it sparkle it with glitter glue. Before you know it, this egg carton spider will be ready to crawl your school walls or the background of video calls!


10. Dead-icated Clothespin Zombie!  

zombie craft

Do you have the guts to create this craft of the living dead? All you need are clothespins, fuzzy sticks, paper, and paint for a scary fun arts and crafts project! This zombie combines learning an alphabet lesson with strengthening fine motor skills. You’ll never want to run away from these clothespin zombies!