10 Thanksgiving Day Crafts Banner

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s no better way to appreciate and connect with all the people, experiences, and things around you than by crafting! Whether you create with recyclables, natural elements, or your favorite sensory materials, spend some quality time decorating any classroom or home with seasonal projects! From turkeys and pilgrims to pines cones and pies, we’ve gathered 10 Thanksgiving crafts for you to gobble up this turkey day!


1. Bead-utiful Corn Stalks!

We love a good corny Thanksgiving decoration! Use this husk template to make handmade corn stalks — then, assemble a line of craft sticks into an arrow-shape and glue colorful patterns of pony beads to resemble corn kernels! Flip over the craft and add the finishing touches — attach adhesive magnets to the corn stalks and stick them to a fridge or a chalkboard!


2. A Twist on Tradition! 

Display your gratitude this season and recycle all those paper towel and toilet paper rolls around the house to create a thankful turkey and other Thanksgiving characters! Color the carboard body and feathers using acrylic paints. While the pieces dry, write out everything you’re grateful for on this feather template — or have everyone in your family fill one out! Then, attach each feather to the turkey to represent all the things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving!


3. Hats Off to These Place Cards!

 Pilgrim Hats

Everyone has a seat at the table with these pilgrim hat place cards! Using construction paper and acrylic jewels, you can transform empty toilet paper tubes into traditional pilgrim hats. Turn the craft table into the dining table by adding mini clothespins and clipping name tags to the hats — to guide everyone to their seats for Thanksgiving dinner!


4. Turkey Day, Every Way!

Turkey Template

What craft materials are you most thankful for? Use them to create a colorful collage on a printable turkey template! Season your bird with all the best materials to make it uniquely yours — glue on twisted fuzzy sticks, fluffy feathers, or even paint with watercolors! Then, send your turkey art as a Thanksgiving card — or keep it on the fridge as a festive decoration!

5. Handy Napkin Rings!

Handprint Napkin Rings

Let everyone lend a hand in setting the table this year! Explore the sensory details of finger paint, rainbow feathers, and wiggly eyes while creating with your very own handprints. Decorate one-of-a-kind turkeys to wrap around napkins for your Thanksgiving feasts — and look back on a handful of memories with your one-of-a-kind napkin rings for years to come!


6. A Slice of Thankful Pie!

Thankful Pumpkin Pie

Pass the plate around the craft table and make a thankful pie! Paint a delicious pumpkin pie on a paper plate and cut it into equal slices — then, add the best pie topping: Whipped cream! Create dollops from white paper circles and write what everyone is thankful for. Then, glue them to the pie slices, connect the pieces together again, and read all the sweetest reasons to be grateful for the season!


7. Recycled Turkey Time!

Recycled Turkey Craft

After enjoying all the apple cider, upcycle those bottle caps into a feathery Thanksgiving craft! Make a turkey face with wiggly eyes and fuzzy sticks on the surface of the cap — then, attach feathers on the back. This upcycled turkey is perfect for a quick after-Thanksgiving-dinner craft or Holiday weekend art project!


8. Thanksgiving Rocks!

What better way to spread thankfulness than with some rockin’ art?! Share your creativity around the house or in the neighborhood by leaving autumn-themed rock art wherever you go. Place your rock art on tables, in parks, or sidewalks to give everyone a smile this Thanksgiving! All you need are some thankful sayings and a big imagination!


9. A Turkey In Nature!

Connecting nature with creativity is always something to be grateful for! So, take a walk after your Thanksgiving meal and let the fresh air inspire you to craft — you may just find some materials along the way, like pine cones for a turkey! With big feathers, a pom face, and fuzzy stick legs, your turkey will look like it belongs to the great outdoors!


10. Bubbly Thanksgiving Crafts!

How will you make your fall decorations pop? Try out a new art technique with bubble wrap! Brush the uneven surface with different paints to create colorful kernels on our corn template. Tie the ears of corn around a paper bag with hemp cord and display your bushel in any door or window to add an a-maize-ing decoration to your home or classroom!


What Thanksgiving crafts are you most grateful for? We’d love to see your finished creations! Share photos of them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — tag @craftprojectideas!