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Say goodbye to boring, dull metal boxes and get ready to transform your locker into a mini-masterpiece of self-expression! Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a first-time crafter, these ideas are sure to ignite your imagination and make your locker the craftiest one in the hallway. So, grab your scissors, glue, and a splash of creativity as we dive into 10 back-to-school locker crafts to make this academic year a blast!


Let Your Locker Shine

Heartsuncatcher Main How To Image

Brighten your space with a burst of color using delightful creative window art! Create your own heart-shaped suncatchers — or make them with the Made By Me Window Art kit. These small crafts will make a big difference by adding a touch of sunshine and letting your artistic talents shine!


Frame Your Memories with Foam

Foam frame

Capture your favorite moments and decorate with these adorable DIY foam picture frames. Add a pop of creativity by sticking magnet buttons on the back and turn your locker into a gallery of your happiest moments to revisit throughout the school year!


Bead the Way with Locker Magnets

Melty bead locker magnets Main How To Image 

Unlock your creativity and create personalized magnets for you and your friends this semester! Whether you pin notes, reminders, or photos, these Melty Bead Magnets are just the craft to add flair to the inside of your locker.


Personalize Your Space with Magnetic Nameplates

Magneticnameplates Main How To Image

Make your locker uniquely yours with these fun and functional DIY magnetic nameplates! Check out our guide to learn how to create these customized nameplates to showcase your personality and style in the hallways. Magnetize your space and let your name shine brightly with this creative and kid-friendly craft!


Score an A+ in Organization

Locker Valentine Card Holder 2089 Main

Keep your locker game strong and stay on top of your study notes with these nifty DIY index card holders! Our guide will show you how to create these clever holders, perfect for keeping index cards, and other school supplies like pens and pencils, neat and accessible. Get ready to ace your exams with this practical craft project!


Magnet-ify Your Storage

Locker Pencil Holder 1

Tired of digging to find your pens and pencils? Crafts by Amanda will show you how to stay organized and stylish with magnetic locker pencil holders! This simple craft project keeps your school supplies within reach, ensuring you’re always ready for class. Declutter and add a touch of creativity to your daily school routine!


Illuminate Your Sparkle 

Diy Locker Chandelier

Add a touch of glamour and sparkle with a delightful DIY locker chandelier! Visit The DIY Village for a step-by-step on creating an enchanting craft project that’ll brighten space and make it stand out in the hallways.


Think Outside the Box

Magazine Holders Made From Cereal Boxes.jpg

Keep your locker neat and tidy with creative DIY magazine holders made from upcycled materials! Transforming old cereal boxes into functional and fabulous organizers is not only eco-friendly but also a super fun back-to-school project. Upcycle and organize in style with this simple, budget-friendly craft idea!


Reflect Your Style All Day, Everyday

Photo819 Beaded Mirror Cork And Pushpin 2648    

Individual flair is a fantastic way to add a dash of personality! With just a few simple materials, you can craft a fabulous mirror that helps you put your best face forward and serves as décor! Bling on a budget with The Cubicle Chick’s locker mirror how-to — or go minimalist with Flax & Twine’s wooden beaded mirror and bulletin board combo.


Think of your locker as an empty canvas — these craft projects are your tools to express yourself in the most fun and creative ways. From personalized nameplates to dazzling chandeliers, practical organizers, and decorative mirrors, it’s easy to turn your locker into a reflection of your unique style! So, gather your supplies, invite your friends to join in, and let your imagination run wild as you transform your locker into something that’s truly your own.

Share your finished projects with us on Craft Project Idea’s Instagram to showcase your creations!