10 Lucky Crafts For St. Patty's Day

From four-leaf clovers to pots of gold and even charming leprechauns — there are lots of reasons to go over the rainbow this St. Patrick’s day! Add some green and gold shenanigans to your craft table all month long with our 10 favorite festive crafts!


1. Lucky Leprechaun Hat!

Leprechaun Bead Hat

Make your own luck and carry it wherever you go! Weave together a leprechaun hat with pony beads and cording — then loop the accessory on a keychain to a backpack, lunch box, or purse.


2. Keep Calm & Shamrock On!

Four Leaf Clover Wreath

Decorate any doorway with a festive wreath! Cut out shamrocks of all different sizes using our template and green construction paper. Then glue the shapes around a paper plate and fill your home with lots of luck!


3. Cutest Clover in the Patch!

Shamrock Printable

Use your favorite art technique to create colorful clovers! Practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by crafting the printed paper with rainbow poms, paint dab markers, or even finger paints. Lucky for you, we have the perfect free printable to get started!


4. Catch a Leprechaun!

Leprechaun Trap

Reuse an old carton and coffee pods to catch your very own leprechaun with a convincing pot of gold! Embellish the inside with fuzzy sticks, paint, poms, and more — then create a “Gold” sign to lure your leprechaun friend into the carton.


5. Melt Away With St. Patty’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Melty Beads

Design festive melty beads into shapes like rainbows, shamrocks, pots of gold, and even the Irish flag! Customize with your favorite colorful beads and celebrate St. Pat’s day with family and friends. Then, attach magnets to the back of your designs to stick them on a fridge or whiteboard!


6. Craft Stick Pot of Gold!

Pot of Gold Craft

Give a clay-sculpted leprechaun his own pot of gold using rainbow fuzzy sticks and craft sticks! Glue black painted craft sticks around a paper cup and dust gold glitter around the surface. Fill the leprechaun’s pot with chocolate gold coins to make the perfect coffee table decoration!


7. Jolly Pom Puppet!

Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet

Upcycle a brown paper bag into a leprechaun puppet! Once you add a construction paper hat, orange pom beard, and green painted jacket, you’re ready to name your leprechaun and put on a St. Patrick’s day show.


8. Dot Your Way to Treasure!

Rainbow Pot of Gold Finger Paint

Follow the craft blogger, Crafty Morning, for a simple rainbow finger painting project! Dot and dab a colorful arch across white paper with your fingers, then add sparkly black pot and lucky four-leaf clovers to complete your festive craft.


9. Sham-Rockin’ Sensory Shapes!

Beaded Fuzzy Stick Shamrocks

Practice those fine motor skills by creating fuzzy beaded shamrocks! Brainstorm fun patterns with pony beads and slide them onto the glittery green fuzzy sticks. Then, bend them into shamrock shapes for the ultimate fine motor exercise!


10. Pot o’ Gold & All the Buttons to Hold!

Button Pot of Gold

Craft your own treasure pot with The Simple Parent! Cut a paper plate in half and cover it with black paint, then glue the yellow construction paper to the top. Add sensory materials like yellow buttons, gold sequins, and foam shamrocks to embellish the paper — you’ll have an fun 3D craft in no time!


May this St. Patrick’s day find you with green in your pocket, gold in your pot, and all the luck in your lot!


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