Sparkling horns, flowing manes, and magical powers — what’s not to love about unicorns?! These mystical creatures aren’t just for fairy tales, you can make them come to life in your art projects at home! Whether you need a new throw pillow or a little stress relief, check out this list of 10 unicorn creations to add magic and sparkle into your next crafts!

1. Show Your Unicorn Love!

Bring your love of unicorns to life when you create and customize this unicorn heart craft! Cut a piece of foam into a heart shape of any size — this will be your unicorn’s head! Then, use construction paper, glue, yarn, and wiggly eyes to create the features that’ll bring your smiling unicorn to life! When it dries, attach your craft onto the fridge or share it with someone who loves unicorns just as much as you!

2. Dream of Unicorns!

Create a unicorn dream catcher and have all your dreams come true! Wrap an embroidery hoop with colorful yarn and decorate the top with a golden horn and ears resembling your favorite mythical creature — you can even customize with flowers and glitter! Then, hang your new craft above your bed to capture sweet unicorn dreams!

3. Cuddle with a Unicorn!

Put your pillow-making skills to the test — create and decorate a cuddly new friend! Choose your fleece and felt colors to sew around a cushion — once everything’s secure, accessorize your new pillow with a golden horn, ears, flowers, and lashes. Place your dreamy throw pillow on a chair or bed to bring a little unicorn charm to any room!

4. Transform Your Magical Plants!

Give your favorite succulents an upgrade with this whimsical unicorn planter! Paint your pot white — or use spray paint — to give it a classic unicorn look! Dip your brush into some pink paint to create a blushing hue, then use a black marker to draw eyelashes. Glue a flower crown and a glittery paper horn to the pot’s rim to finish the look. When you’re done, plant your greenery in their new home!

5. Dream Sweet Unicorn Dreams!

Need some extra beauty sleep? Cover your eyes with this DIY unicorn mask! Warm-up a hot glue gun, cut out felt shapes and press each one onto the white mask. Then, wrap gold sequins around the horn shape to add a little something special. Now that you’ve created a sleeping unicorn face, show off your unique unicorn look at your next magical sleepover!

6. Glow Up Your Windows!

Shine a light on your love of unicorns by hanging them on the ceiling or in a window! Trace and cut a unicorn pattern onto posterboard, then overlap tissue paper (or film) over the empty spaces with tape. Fill your space with extra color when you attach your unicorn-shaped stained glass to a window and catch vibrant rays of sunlight!

7. Write a Uni-card!

Looking to bring magic to someone’s day? Follow this tutorial to assemble a 3D unicorn greeting card! Grab some colorful construction paper, glue, scissors, and a pen for details — add glitter for something extra special! When you’re done, write a note inside and send it to someone special!

8. Roll with a Unicorn!

This upcycled craft is simple and easy to make — it only requires materials you have at home, like paint, yarn, foam, and a toilet paper roll! Get creative while practicing those fine motor skills to transform a leftover roll into a fun unicorn friend. Follow our video tutorial to learn the basic steps, then challenge your friend and family to come up with their own unique designs!

9. Shine All Year Round!

Is it ever too early to start planning for the holidays? This sparkling unicorn ornament can stay up all year long! Embellish a clear glass ornament with all types of glitter and gemstones, twist fuzzy sticks to make a shiny horn, and tie metallic elastic cording to hang this glamorous decoration anywhere!

10. Squeeze Stress Away!

Transform this balloon into a glittery unicorn stress ball! Create a sparkly filling, attach a clay horn and fluffy mane — before you know it, you’ll bring a unicorn to life! Watch this video to start squishing all day long!


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