Art is more than a form of self-expression — it invites others to see the world through a different point of view. Many arts and crafts have passed down generationally from different cultures — each one holding their own history and value. Today, art is a way to connect the diverse groups of people in our families, classrooms, and communities. Diversify your creativity to celebrate all ethnicities and cultures with these 10 crafts!


1. Hop on the Diversity Train

All aboard the craft stick train! Make frames to display photos of your unique family and friends in train cars. Then, link each one using fuzzy sticks to represent how we’re all connected and help one another move forward!

2. Cut from the Same Cloth

What does peace look like to you? Draw visions of peace on separate pieces of paper with your friends. Then, use fuzzy sticks to tie all the artwork together and make a Peace and Harmony Quilt! Hang it on a wall, or across a hallway, to display the one common goal shared by everyone: peace.

3. Weave into Other Cultures

Every color used to make Kente cloth strips symbolizes a different aspect of African culture — weaving them together creates intricate designs. Get to know the history behind this art form while painting colorful patterns on paper and lacing them together! Display the designs together to observe each person’s unique interpretation.


4. Paint in Different Strokes

Find a new way to embrace culture and nature! Create “bark” using brown paper and dip into watercolors to explore Amate bark painting. Often depicting the bright colors in nature, this technique reflects traditional Latin American folk art.      

5. Take the Worries Away

Introduce Guatemalan folklore in your next arts and crafts session! Worry dolls are designed to make you feel like there’s always someone listening to your feelings — wrap cording around craft sticks, decorate your friendly figurines, and learn about the folklore behind these dolls!

6. Wave Your Peace Flag

Tibetan prayer flags wave over the mountain range, and the wind spreads mantras, or sacred words, for peace. Write/draw your own positive messages on paper or fabric — then thread them together and hang them somewhere they can wave freely.

7. Bloom in Inclusiveness

In Japanese culture, cherry blossom trees represent the stages and beauty of life. As a lesson in how we blossom and learn during our time with one another, create your own cherry blossom coffee filter fan out of a large coffee filter and skinny sticks, then add pink/red tissue paper!

8. Bead Better Together

Use fuzzy sticks and wooden beads in every shade to make everyone feel included at craft time! Showcase all types of skin tones by threading the beads onto fuzzy sticks — twist them into the shape of a stick figure to create a diverse group of bead people!

Learning about different cultures and celebrating diversity is just one way we’re connecting people through creativity. How will you inspire change with your arts and crafts? Post a photo of your projects and share what you learn on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — tag @craftprojectideas for a shout out!