Being stuck indoors doing the same old thing can get boring. But who says it has to stay that way? Beat the boredom by doing process art projects with recycled household items! Check out these 11 indoor craft projects that coincide with being inside:


1. Coffee Pod Art

Did you make coffee this morning? Use your leftover coffee pods to experiment with shapes and colors on tissue paper. Then place them in a window and watch the light brighten your space.


2. Tie Dye Heart Garland

Add some decorations to your walls using coffee filters strung together to create a rainbow tie-dye heart garland! It’s a sure way to bring color into any room.


3. Rainbow Pasta Wind Chime

Prepare for spring weather some uncooked pasta and craft sticks. Use your materials to dye and glitter a rainbow pasta wind chime and watch it flutter in the wind as a cute porch decoration!


4. Recycled Jellyfish

Transform your blanket fort into the deep blue sea! Make some coffee filter jellyfish to hang inside and dive into ocean exploration!


5. Egg Carton School Bus

For your next make-believe adventure, use an egg carton school bus to drive around the house!


6. Cardboard Tube Alligator Canvas

Create your very own “pal-igator” with this 3D craft using cardboard tubes! Bring your canvas to life by cutting empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls and paint a fiercely fun alligator.


7. Glitter Tape Resist

Make your bedroom sparkle by leaning into your inner abstract artist. Create glitter and tape resist canvases with all your favorite colors!


8. Coffee Pod Beehive

Creative ideas are just buzzing around your coffee pods! Build a lively beehive home for some fuzzy pom bees and display them wherever you please!


9. String Painting

Send love and well wishes to someone you care about! Decorate the front of a card using string to paint intricate designs, then write your note inside!


10. DIY Terrarium with Recycled Cups

Bring some sunshine and flowers into your corner of the world by making a DIY terrarium using recycled cups!


11. Mini Hanging Planters

Your next indoor gardening project just needs a few milk cartons to upcycle planters for your favorite house plants!


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