Whether you’re prepping for the weekend BBQ or getting crafty with the kids, there are so many reasons to add a little DIY to your Fourth of July! Here are 12 ways to add a few more stars and stripes to your Independence Day celebration!


1. Welcome Wreaths

Decorate your front door with a patriotic wreath — paint clothespins in a red, white, and blue pattern to resemble the American flag and clip them to a paper plate. Then, customize the rounded clothespins with glittery foam stars before hanging it to your door! Low on clothespins? Try making a coffee filter wreath with watercolors!


2. Patriotic Photo Props

Create picture-perfect memories with fun, handmade props! Download hat, bowtie, mustache, and rocket templates to customize with your favorite craft materials. After you’re done decorating, glue a wooden dowel to each prop — then hold them up for a silly photo op!


3. Frame Your Freedom

Those summertime smiles, celebrations, and fireworks deserve their own special place in your home — and heart! Keep your favorite Fourth of July memories close in this red, white, and blue picture frame. Make it a tradition — fill this frame with new memories every year!


4. Parade Accessories

Show off your pride during patriotic parties! Make a star-spangled wand by cutting red felt into a star shape and using white thread to sew the design. Create colorful pom patterns to lace through the felt, then add zig-zag ribbons and fuzzy sticks! Wave it through the air by attaching your star to a wooden dowel. Use all the same supplies to craft and wear sparkly headbands to parade around in all day!


5. Wave Your True Colors

Embrace that red, white, and glue! These household items will create three different patriotic looks. Choose which material you want to work with — then craft fuzzy stick flags, craft stick stars, or tin can windsocks. Hang your new stars and stripes proudly in a window, doorway, or even the front porch!

6. Decorations of Independence

Let freedom — and creativity — ring! Set aside some time to embrace your true American spirit with printable American flag and Statue of Liberty templates. Paint, draw, glue, and glitter until you’re ready to frame your artwork, place it on a canvas, or stick it on the fridge!

7. Tote-ally Awesome Flags

Redesign a white tote bag into a statement accessory in 10 easy steps! Spray paint stars and stripes onto the bag using contact paper, tape, and a piece of cardboard. Once it dries, you’ll have the perfect tote bag to carry all your other patriotic crafts!


8. Let Freedom Ring!

Every bag needs an accessory! Thread colorful pony beads into the shape of an American flag with some cording, then tie a knot around a keychain ring. Connect it to a lanyard or bag — and let your freedom flag fly wherever you go!


9. Americana Mason Jar

Need a container to hold utensils or citronella candles? Add stars and stripes to your mason jars! Fire up the hot glue gun and embellish the container with jewels, sequins, and bows. These jars are the perfect patriotic accessory for practical use all summer long!


10. Connect with Your Country

Use good old-fashioned magnets to display symbols of freedom on your fridge! Create bald eagle magnets with fun feathers and foam in the shape of the bird — then attach magnetic buttons on the back! Or, paint stars and stripes on craft sticks to make flag magnets and stick them to any metal surface.


11. I Choose You, Uncle Sam!

Get the kids in the holiday spirit while sharpening those fine motor and sensory skills! Place wiggly eyes and white poms — or cotton balls — on a painted paper plate to resemble this American icon. Before you know it, the face of dear ol’ Uncle Sam will be smiling with his hat and bowtie just in time for the Fourth!


12. American Dreamin’ of Beadin’

Let the beads do all the melting this summer — create a variety of shapes and designs with red, white, and blue melty beads! Place a pattern of beads on different shaped pegboards to create flags, firecrackers, peace signs, and more! Melt them together with an iron — once they’ve cooled, turn them into magnets or share them with friends and family!


Which of these red, white, and cool craft will you be adding to your Fourth of July festivities? Snap a picture and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and tag @craftprojectideas!