Plants provide clean air to any living space, and they can also bring style! Transform any room in the smallest of ways by adding trendy features to your plant pots. Find some decoration inspiration with these 13 plant accessory projects using items around the house!




Mini Hanging Planters

Repurpose empty milk cartons into small square pots by wrapping them in colorful string and connecting each one together. Form a mini hanging planter by hooking this layered plant holder onto any wall, bookcase corner, or a tree outside.



Terracotta Pinch Pots

In a pinch to plant a succulent? Make these tiny terracotta pots out of clay, pop them in the oven to mold them, then paint each one in any style you choose. Set them on a desk or window sill to give color to your room!



Mason Jar Floral Sconce

Nothing says rustic-chic like flowers hanging from a mason jar! Elegantly transform any space with a piece of leftover wood, an iron hook, and fairy lights — then, mount the attached parts on a wall using a drill. Decorate this sconce year-round by switching out the flowers every season!



Moss Ball Mini Aquarium

If you haven’t got much of a green thumb, this project is for you! Marimo moss is a type of algae that doesn’t require any maintenance, just a change of water every couple of weeks. Fill any large glass container from home and decorate a mini aquarium to bring in some beach vibes!



Glitter Flower Vase

There’s no such thing as too much sparkle! Use glitter, tissue paper, and Mod Podge® to transform any clear vase into a vibrant decoupage masterpiece! Add your favorite fresh flowers and set the colorful vase by sunlight to make it sparkle around the room.



Plaited Planter

Upgrade your plain pots with a plaited air-dry clay design! Once you’ve braided the clay, wrap it around the pot and let it dry — this will create a rope-like texture on your pot. Once you add your plant, display it on a bookshelf or end table for a clean, sophisticated look.



Clothespin Herb Planter

Give your kitchen herbs some TLC with distressed clothespin planters! Circling the clothespins around the rim of a can or a holding pot will change the entire look of your kitchen. Keep them on your countertop or by the sink — just an arm’s length away from adding fresh ingredients to your recipes!



Vertical Herb Garden

Make your space quirky with vertically balancing pots! This garden works best when you’re short on space and want to keep all your favorite plants together — simply use a metal rod to connect the pots through the draining holes and stack them in height order. Before connecting them, try painting each one to add a particular theme!



Air Plant Wreath

For a minimalist decoration with a low-maintenance plant, attach air plants to embroidery hoops! Line the area with hot glue, place the air plant and other accessories onto the hoop, then let it dry. This clean-cut project adds whimsical charm to any white wall — this wreath could also make great wedding favors or housewarming gifts!



Stencil Clay Pot

Personalize your front porch with stencil-designed clay pots! Paint any trendy pattern over the base of a pot to fit your curb appeal by brushing inside the areas of the stencil, then peel it off, and you’ll have a clean design ready to go. Mums or marigolds are the perfect flowers to show off these larger clay pots!



Lightbulb Vase

Brighten your home with this crafty, sustainable planter! Create a mini vase with old lightbulbs to hang wherever you need more color. You can add a few small flowers, or replace the water with marbles and add faux flowers for a permanent style.



Succulent Teacup Planter

Even plants enjoy tea time! Dust off the old teacups from your cupboard — or spend a day thrifting for a few — and pour a bit of gravel in the bottom to help keep the succulent happy and healthy. Place these dainty pots on a surface to display your plants in a unique way!



Macramé Plant Holder

Set a cozy theme for your room! Making your own macramé plant holder only requires a cotton cord, metal ring, and some time to tie it all together. Once you add a hook to your ceiling, your plants will have a place to hang out!