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While the big kids are at school, let’s keep the little hands busy at home! Entertain them with craft projects with an educational twist. It’s time to put on those thinking caps, grab the craft supplies, and explore 15 ways to learn creatively right at home!



Make Your Own Abacus

DIY Abacus

An abacus creates the perfect way to teach number recognition, values, and operations (like addition & subtraction). Simply slide pony beads back and forth on a DIY abacus to jumpstart a lesson in mental calculation!


Create Counting Stick Characters

Counting Sticks Counting Sticks

With silly craft stick characters, counting is as easy as 1,2,3! Make cute counting creatures from the numbers 1 through 9, then visually represent them with pony beads. Spend the day counting away —pair them together to make double digits!


Solve Sticky Note Puzzles 

Post It Puzzles Square

Who knew learning shapes could be so easy?! These sticky note puzzles from Happily Ever Mom are the perfect quick geometry lesson for kids who like to get hands-on and move around. Place them on any surface to start the puzzle!


Sort Colorful Melty Beads

Melty Bead Sorting Activity 1494 Melty Bead Sorting Mn

Upcycle an egg carton into a bright sorting container! Add as many colors and numbers as you’d like, then use melty beads (or pony beads) to coordinate and count.



Search for Sight Words

Sight Word Search

Study the parts of speech with a creative twist! Print out our free word search template and create a color-coding game with the listed nouns, verbs, and adjectives. For extra fine motor practice, use finger paint to make each color impression on the sheet!


Create Your Own Sunshine Busy Bag

Preschool Letter Matching And Fine Motor Practice Busy Bag For Kids

Take it from Megan over at Coffee Cup and Crayons, this craft will keep kids busy while helping them learn their ABCs! Write the upper-case alphabet around a paper plate and the lower-case letters on 26 clothespins, then ask your little learner to match them.


Craft From A-Z with Foodie Fun

Cpi 2021 Foodies A Z Banner 8.25.21 Now Trending Banner

Dig into every letter of the alphabet! Scroll through our 26 food-themed projects, pick one, and learn about pronunciation and spelling while you craft it. Your kiddo will have a new letter and craft to show off for the rest of the day!



Become an Inventor


Add the ThinkBox Inventor’s Box to an at-home creation station and find out what it takes to become a true scientist. Everything you’ll need is included in the storage case and ready to take wherever your little inventor wants to learn!


Run an Experiment in the Kitchen (or Chem Lab)

Magic Milk Experiment Science Activity Pin

This oldie but goodie never fails to make kids think about the magic behind science! Head to the kitchen for milk, soap, and food dye to create a super fun chemical reaction — watch as molecules move and blend into new colors!


Paint with Salt

Salt Painting

A pinch of salt always adds something extra — even to the craft table! This 3D craft experiment gives kids the flexibility to explore letters or shapes while watching color absorb into the glue and salt combination. Encourage them to answer questions as they experiment, like: how does the paint travel? And why does it stop?



Develop Pattern-Making Skills

Pattern Continuation A Color Mixing 1656 Beauty

Colors and patterns go together like crafting and learning! Download our printable template to shade in primary and secondary colors, work through the patterns, and have those little minds make their own patterns!


Color by Number

Fallleafwksht 032

Autumn is right around the corner, why not decorate your craft corner for the season? Print out a Learn Create Love’s Color by Number sheet that features fall leaves and give those kiddos extra credit for cutting the leaves afterward for an added fine motor practice!


Motor Skills

Explore Your Sensory Bin


Spend the day with all sorts of textures, tools, and feels! Choose between a dinosaur galaxy, sea life, or unicorn theme Made By Me Sensory Bins filled with sand, water beads, molds, and more. Start fine motor skill adventures all from the comfort of home!


Get in Touch with Creativity

Main How To Image 2

Everything you need for this activity is at home! Start by grabbing rice from the kitchen, along with paints and a canvas (and any other sensory materials you’d like) from the craft bin. Then, learn 4 different types of sensory lessons with our rainbow rice sensory project!


Stay Balanced with Craft Sticks

Balance Tree Copy

Build those tiny muscles with balance and control! Enter the Therapy Fun Zone to create a balance tube out of paper — slide rainbow craft sticks through the slots to design a “balance tree” and find weighted objects to fit on each one. Will it stay balanced or topple over?

Head to our Teacher’s Corner for more educational crafts & creative lessons for your little ones at home. Happy crafting!