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Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the happiness of the holiday season, there are endless ways to send the warmest season’s greetings to family and friends. So cozy up in your crafting corner, grab your favorite holiday craft supplies, and jingle all the way through our 15 handmade holiday card ideas!


Hands-On Happy Mail  

Add Touches of Color to the Holidays

Fingerprint Light Holiday Card Main How To Image

Break out the fingerpaint and create thumbprint bulbs for a string of holiday lights. These unique greeting cards are a great way to practice fine motor skills and will make everyone’s season extra merry and bright!


Give a Hand to the Festival of Lights  

Hanukkah Hand Craft Greeting Cards

Light the candles on your own handmade menorah! Trace your hands, overlapping your thumbs to create the traditional nine candles. Add a yellow flame to each finger and spell out “Happy Hanukkah” with foam stickers or alphabet stamps.


Greeting the Season with Snowmen

Snowman Holiday Greeting Card

Use a different kind of stamp to send well wishes! Coat the bottom of a glass jar with white paint and press it onto construction paper to create snowmen faces. Paper carrot noses, drawn-on smiles, arms, and eyes make these handmade snowmen jolly happy souls!


Postmark Printables

Delivery to Candy Cane Lane

Sensory Candy Cane Greeting Card

Jingle all the way into some sensory fun and decorate our free candy cane printable! Grab red and white textured craft materials like gemstones, poms, glitter, or even jingle bells. Fill in the stripes and write a note, then send your candy cane cards to someone sweet!


Stitch & Send Blessings

Embroidered Hanukkah Card

Learn a new skill to wish family and friends a happy Hanukkah! Embroider a menorah design using a needle and friendship thread on our free template. Make it sparkle by filling in the letters and flames with glitter glue!


Leave a Note for Old Saint Nick  

Free Santa Or Snowman Printable

What’s on your wish list? Write to Santa and his snowmen pals using our free printables. Color your favorites, then place your notes next to the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve!


Have a Meowy Christmas

Meowy Christmas Beauty

Create the purr-fect card for your favorite cat lovers! Set up your craft stations for a quick project with this punny printable. Color in this furry Santa Paws and send it off to someone who loves animals as much as you do!

Sparkling Send Offs

Embellish Your Christmas Tree

Embellishment Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Decorate the tree with sparkling ornaments! Grab a bling bucket and fuzzy sticks, then download our tree template to design your own 3D holiday card. Top it off with a sparkling star and gift it to someone who shines all year long!


Shake Things Up

Star of David Shaker Card Christmas Tree Shaker Card

Learn how to make a sequined shaker card! Fill the Star of David with silver sequins and add a message of peace, love, and light. Or add multicolored sequins to a tree to wish someone a holly jolly Christmas. Don’t forget to outline the shapes in glitter glue for extra sparkle!


There’s Snow Place Like Home

Christmas Tree Card

Ride your sleigh over to I Heart Crafty Things for some magical holiday card inspiration! Cut out construction paper shapes and build your own Christmas tree window. Give your friends and family a warm welcome to your winter scene with a heartwarming note inside the card!


New Spin on Traditional Greeting Cards

Fold Christmas Tree Origami 

Origamichristmastree Main How To Image

Practice the ancient Japanese art of Origami to create one-of-a-kind Christmas tree cards! Fold triangles into the perfect tree and add painted ornaments and falling snow. Write a letter on the cardstock, flip it over and attach the tree to the other side.


Paint the Principles

Kwanzaacandleart Main How To Image

Celebrate the joy of Kwanzaa by painting a kinara! Learn what each red, black, and green candle represents while adding them on white cardstock. Once your artwork is dry, write on the back and give your card to someone special on the first day of Kwanzaa!


Spread Peace, Love & Light

Hanukkah Greeting Card

Make things pop with Only Passionate Curiosity! Fold star and dreidel shapes with paper and attached them to cardstock. Add a note to your 3D greeting cards and send them to your favorite people for Hanukkah!


Weave a Colorful Kwanzaa Card

Kwanzaa Kinara Placemat Makeandtakes.com

Lace ribbons of red and green paper through black cardstock to create the seven candles of the kinara. Head to Make and Takes for a step-by-step guide on weaving the paper and top each strip with yellow squares. Share your note of happy Kwanzaa with your loved ones!


Ode to Joy & Art Techniques

Splatter Paint Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Play with a new spin art technique! Every swirling paint design comes out differently, allowing you to create unique cards for everyone in your contact list. Follow our how-to guide and spin a little joy and cheer into the end of the year!


Watch Our Video How-To!

Holiday Cards Main How To Image

Want to see these cards come to life? Follow our quick guide on handmade holiday card ideas for more inspiration!

Homemade and from the heart is the best way to spread holiday cheer! Whether you’re hand-delivering or sending them first-class in the mail, we’d love to see your handmade greeting cards — share them with us on Instagram.
Happy crafting season!