Tis the Season for Crafting!

It’s our 4th annual 12 days of Christmas crafts, and we’ve wrapped up tons of creative ways for you to spread the holiday cheer this year! For the first 12 days of December, we’ll be sharing our favorite festive crafts and materials — along with some amazing craft giveaways yule fall in love with! Answer the questions below on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts for each craft to enter — and be sure to share your own holiday creations using #CPI12DaysOfChristmasCrafts!


Check out our previous years’ crafts here:




Day 1

Santa In A Chimney!

What’s your favorite present? 


Day 2 

Cardinal Christmas Tree Ornament!

What’s your favorite ornament to hang on your tree?


Day 3

Clothespin Carolers!

What’s your favorite Christmas carol? 


Day 4

Craft Stick Angel!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


Day 5

Craft Stick Christmas Characters!

Who do you love spending quality holiday time with?


Day 6

Embellishment Christmas Tree!

Do you put up a real or fake Christmas tree? 


Day 7

Jingle Bell Wreath

What your favorite holiday decoration? 


Day 8

Foam Christmas Tree Ornament!

What’s your favorite holiday movie? 


Day 9 

Jingling Winter Friends Ornaments!

Who’s your favorite holiday character?

Day 10

Origami Christmas Tree Card

What are you asking Santa for this year?

Day 11

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Ornament

What’s the first thing you’d do at the North Pole?

Day 12

Countdown to Christmas Snowman

What kind of cookies do you leave Santa Claus?