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“Leaf” summer behind and jump into our cozy craft corner! Whether you’re headed to the orchard, into the forest or just the local park, find inspiration in the nature around you this autumn and decorate your space with wonderful handmade projects. Full of fall fun, our list will help make the perfect crafter-noon on a crisp day at home or in the classroom. So, grab your craft supplies, light your favorite seasonal candle, and “fall” in love with crafting!


Growing in the Garden

(Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Door Decor

Egg Carton Pumpkin Wreath Pin1

Turn ordinary egg cartons into extraordinary fall décor with the Egg Carton Pumpkin Wreath from Manda Panada Projects! This eco-friendly craft combines recycling with seasonal creativity as you transform egg cartons into charming pumpkin-shaped ornaments. This wreath captures the essence of fall while giving a new life to everyday materials.


Craft a Little Sunshine

Fork Print Sunflower Craft For Kids

Crafty Morning’s delightful sunflower craft only requires a couple around-the-house materials including paper, a fork, and paint. This hands-on project not only supports fine motor skills for crafts of all ages, but also add a uniquely sunny touch to any fridge or bulletin board!


Orange You Glad It’s Pumpkin Season?

Yarn Pumpkin Garland1

Learn how to make adorable DIY pumpkin garland using orange yarn and green fuzzy sticks. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your seasonal décor with a lineup of yarn pumpkins tied onto twine and hang them up on a mantle or above a chalkboard.


A-maize-ing Magnets

Fall Corn Bead Magent Craft Beauty 091322

Make your fall décor pop with vibrant, textured corn magnets! This project not only lets you craft customizable magnets but also engages your sense for sight and touch with bright colored pony beads, adding a delightful sensory element to your fall crafting.


Give A Hand this Fall

Pumpkin Handprint Craft

Looking for a quick and easy fall craft for little hands? Check out The Best Ideas for Kids’ handprint craft! This fingerpaint project is ideal for both classroom activities and at-home crafting sessions, making it a fun alternative to pumpkin carving for kids to celebrate autumn with their own handcrafted pumpkins.


Out in the Orchard

Put Everything in One Basket


Visiting an orchard is one of the best fall activities! And now you can bring the freshest apples to your craft table with this quick and easy bead activity. Make a paper bag basket to gather your fall harvest and set them on display in the kitchen or living room.


Craft Apple of My Eye

Apple Window Decorations Editing File

Shine bright with Kinder Craze’s stained glass apple craft! Place pieces of colorful tissue paper in a random pattern inside an apple outline. Once it’s full, layer it with contact paper. With a little sunshine and tape, your unique apple will shine on any window!


Apple-solutely Amazing Craft Sticks


Handpicked just for you — this ‘A’ is for “Apple!” With just a couple painted craft sticks, some paper, and glue, craft your very own apples for the perfect alphabet lesson or to show off your coloring skills. Decorating for the season will take no time at all!


Fallin’ Outside

Wreath of Leaves Delight

Fall Leaf Wreath 501 Leafwreath Mn

Crafting a beautiful fall-themed wreath has never been easier! Kids can enjoy the creative process hassle-free with our downloadable leaf template. All they need to do is trace, cut, color, and arrange them to create a stunning, ready-to-hang wreath!


Turn a New Page and a New Leaf

Holding Two Bookmarks

Your fall book selection deserves to have an accessory just as seasonal — add a touch of autumn magic to your cozy reading days with Aberle Home’s pressed leaf bookmarks. All you need are bright colored leaves, cardstock, and glue. Start pressing and you’ll have a new bookmark to add to your cozy reading nook in no time.


Leaf Your Worries Behind and Shine

Fall Leaf Sun Catcher 695 Leafsuncatcher Mn

Everyone loves watching the colorful leaves fall in autumn! Capture the best seasonal moments in the sunlight with our suncatcher project. Allow everyone to embrace the beauty of nature by creating vibrant suncatchers together and let the nature colors of autumn shine on any window.


Show Your True Colors


Unleash your inner artist with a fall-inspired masterpiece! This cotton swab craft combines the mesmerizing art of pointillism with classic, vibrant shades of autumn. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or learning the style for the first time, this project will add a burst of color to your season!


Pining Over Glitter Cones

Paper Bag Pine Cone 1998 Main

Craft with love and a touch of glitter glue this fall. This project transforms ordinary paper bags into dazzling pine cone treasures. It’s the best way to bring a little extra shine to your seasonal decorating — download our template to get started!


Newfound Forest Friends

‘Owl’ You Need is Fuzzy Sticks

Fuzzy Stick Owl Magnets 1111 Fuzzy Owls Mn

“WHOO” is ready for some crafting fun? Twist fuzzy sticks into an owl shape, add a pair of silly wiggly eyes and a magnet onto the back, and you’re ready to display this fun project on a fridge at home or a classroom whiteboard!


Nuts About Fall Fashion


Craft your way into the heat of autumn with these adorable acorn necklaces! Explore outside and find a few acorns, then use them to create charming nature pals for your accessory. Young crafters will fall in love with their smiley faces and wear them all day long!


Crafting’s a Hoot

Paper Plate Owls Pin 2

Let your imagination take flight! Frugal Fun 4 Boys has a simple, low-budget idea for your next craft project — paper plate owls. Spend a crafter-noon painting, then cut out paper shapes for the classic bright yellow eyes and beak. Let them fly by hanging them up with ribbon to any tall surface — it’ll be a hoot!