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Join us as we celebrate National Gardening Week and let your creativity bloom! Step into the first week of June and dedicate this vibrant time to all things gardening. Let’s embark on an adventure and explore how to make the most of National Gardening Week through crafting. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re an enthusiastic parent or teacher seeking engaging activities, we’re here to inspire you!

Upgrade Your Garden

Paint Your Own Birdhouse

National Gardening Week Birdhouse

Invite the birds to your garden with a colorful birdhouse! Follow our video tutorial to learn how to make a personalized Made By Me Birdhouse kit by adding a cardboard tube feeder to keep your feathered friends coming back for more.


Decorate the Edges of Your Garden

National Gardening Week Pinwheel

Finally, there’s something you can do with those leftover cupcake liners! In eight simple steps, create the perfect pinwheels to add next to your garden flowers for holidays, parties, or just for fun! Cut, fold, and glue the paper liners onto wooden dowels and you’ll have a colorful décor in no time.


Paint Garden Mandala Art

National Gardening Week Mandala

Here’s a new way to use the plastic paper plate holders from Crafting Cheerfully! Paint with your favorite outdoor acrylic colors to design vibrant details on the surface, like stripes, polka dots, and zigzags. Once it’s dry, make sure to coat it with varnish if it’s going to decorate an outside garden area. Use wire to attach your craft to garden stakes and add it to your greenery!


Create an Egg-cellent Bird Feeder

National Gardening Week Egg Carton birdfeeder

Step into the kitchen to find your next garden craft project! Grab an empty cardboard egg carton, then draw and embellish the bottom half however you want. This project from Craft of Sea allows your imagination to run wild! When you’re finished, use string or hemp cord as a hanger and find a low-hanging branch to secure it to.


Design Rockin’ Garden Art

National Gardening Week Caterpillar rock art

Nellie Bellie’s adorable caterpillar rock art is super easy to create and customize! Start by grabbing the Made By Me Rock Art set to find everything you’ll need: 3 pounds of rocks, a paintbrush, a sponge brush, 12 paint colors, and, of course, 4 glitter tubes! Design the caterpillar yourself or ask friends to help with each piece. Once it’s done, set your happy caterpillar rock art in your garden as decoration.


Make Some Noise with DIY Wind Chimes

National Gardening Week Windchime

Create a one-of-a-kind wind chime to make the perfect gift for any garden owner! This project from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter’s blog uses a pour-paint technique on a terracotta flower pot and makes rainbow chimes using pony beads. It’s a craft that little hands will love without the big mess.


Collect and Create

Add Stellar Woodsy Décor

National Gardening Week Garden mobile

Get outside and explore the land around you for your next craft project! Collect sticks of all shapes and sizes to make a stick star garden mobile inspired by Happy Hooligans. Wrap your star shapes with colorful yarn or friendship thread and hang it up among the trees to add a whimsical touch to your garden.


Bake a Little Bird Treat

National Gardening Week Bird treat

You’re One Little Project away from the perfect ornaments to hang in your garden all year around! Hop to the kitchen to create a fun-shaped birdseed ornament using gelatin, corn syrup, and your favorite cookie cutters. Hack the craft by using straws to create the perfect-sized hole for wrapping twine around your finished ornament and slide it onto any branch outside. The birds will thank you!


Save Your Garden for a Rainy Day

National Gardening Week Flower suncatcher

The Artful Parent has thought of everything — bring the garden to your craft table with a magical 3D nature suncatcher! All you need is a cardboard box, some cuttings from outside, contact paper, and packing tape. Have a sensory playdate as you create each window of your box with different flowers and leaves. Take your finished craft outside in the natural sunlight or use a flashlight to explore the ecosystem you created! Or check out our DIY Terrarium using recycled cups for a quick and easy crafter-noon project!


Print Your Own Garden

National Gardening Week Print Your Own Garden

Nature prints are the best way to get hands-on with your garden! Nurture Store’s blog will show you how to use your green thumb to pluck beautifully shaped leaves and flowers, then dip them in all different kinds of paint patterns and press them to paper. Watch your nature collage come to life as you and your friends fill in all the white space with nature’s shapes and colors! Don’t have paint? Try out our oil pastel nature rubbing project instead!


Wave Your Flower Flag High

National Gardening Week Flower flag

This hands-on activity from the Artful Parent shows kids how the natural dyes in flower petals can create beautiful prints! Make your own flags by using a flower-pounding technique with fabric, fresh flowers, and a hammer. Once the design is transferred, thread your cord through the fabric and hang up your flower banner in a cozy nature-filled space!


National Gardening Week presents a wonderful opportunity to unleash your creativity and connect with the beauty of nature. From crafting personalized birdhouses to decorating gardening edges, exploring sensory play with nature-inspired suncatchers, and even adding delightful hanging charms to your space, there are countless ways to enhance your garden. Share your craft adventures with us on Instagram or our Facebook Creative Community for a chance to be featured!


Happy Crafting!