June 8th marks National Best Friends Day — a whole day dedicated to the people who mean the most to us! Whether you’re near or far, a great way to show your appreciation for your best friend is with a handmade friendship bracelet, a symbol of the bond you share to wear around your wrist proudly. These bracelets can be personalized with everyone’s favorite colors and patterns — check out the six designs below to get started! Then, give your best friend the first pick by using our Tear & Share card template to wrap two bracelets around and send off with a fun note!


1. Friendship Forward

If you’re new to bracelet-making — or need a refresher — this video on the forward knotted bracelet pattern is a great place to start! These diagonal bracelets are simple and trendy pieces to create and share with your friends.


2. Diamond Design

Follow this easy five-thread knotting pattern to show your best friend that they’re a “diamond in the rough!” Use forward and backward spiral knots to create diamond shapes with your friendship thread. When it’s all finished, you’ll have a cool design to gift away!


3. “Fish” You Were Here

Near or far — distance has nothing to do with how close you and your best friend are! This design is similar to the diamond pattern, but you’ll use the chevron technique to shape an outline of a fish throughout the bracelet. Gather your friend’s favorite colors and start knotting!


4. Zig-Zagging Through Life

This curvy zig-zag design symbolizes all the crazy twists and turns in life — the one thing that remains constant? The person wearing it! Knot this fun pattern to show your bestie that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what!


5. High on the Totem Pole

Your best friend is a top priority — keep them high on the totem pole with this awesome advanced design. Once you’re familiar with forward and backward knots, challenge yourself with an eight-strand pattern!


6. Beaded Besties

If you’re looking for a more advanced bracelet style to design, try the spiral knot bracelet! Personalize this accessory with hemp cord and pony beads — use each bead as a representation of your friendship. Then, strengthen your bond with every intricate knot!


There are so many fun bracelet patterns to explore, but the six designs above are a great place to start! Find more inspiration, grab your bracelet-making essentials, and download our Tear & Share cards all in one place when you visit our Horizon Group USA blog!


When you’re all finished designing, we’d love to see the bracelets you create! Share a picture of you and your best friend showing off the friendship bracelets and tag @craftprojectideas on Facebook or Instagram for a shout-out!