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Crafting is more than a hobby…it’s a community! It’s a place where we come together and feel free to learn a new skill, think outside the box, and use as much color as we want. And this National Craft Month, that’s exactly what we plan to do! Join us all month long as we reveal four unique ways to #HackTheCraft using some of our favorite Horizon Group USA items — stay tuned for a fun giveaway you won’t want to miss!


Tile Art Puzzle

Made By Me Tile Puzzle

Create your own puzzle with the Made By Me Magnetic Tile Art kit. Hack the craft by painting a big picture using all 12 tiles, once they’re dry separate them to mix up the image. Connect the tiles to a fridge, chalkboard, or any other metal surface, and return to the activity anytime by challenging friends to solve the puzzle!


Pawprint Keepsake


Freeze any moment in time with your fur-ever friends or remember any special milestone like a new family member, new home, or special occasion! Mix the plaster included in the Creative Roots Stone kit, then press in a paw, hand, or other memorable molds. This hack means a day of crafting and a lifetime of memories!


Birdhouse Makeover

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Transform this Birdhouse into a bird feeder just in time for spring! Attract all kinds of little birds with vibrant painted colors (pink for hummingbirds, orange for orioles, and blue for bluebirds). During the assembly, leave off one side wall so you can pour birdseed into the middle — then, use the hemp cord to hang it outside. You can even attach half of a TP roll to the outside for a little feeding dish too!


Explore all kinds of wildlife with your masterpiece with another craft hack: collect rocks, leaves, and sticks inside to create a bughouse! Tune into our Instagram Live craft session on March 16th and learn how to make your own!


Marble-ous Accessories


Customize everyday items into one-of-a-kind accessories! The Made By Me Marbling Paint Studio makes it easy to swirl, pour, and dip marbled patterns onto small items, like a ceramic pot or dish from home. Or, make it a seasonal craft hack and use the basin to marble Easter eggs instead of dyeing them! This crafting activity transforms any plain item into a colorful decoration or gift for a loved one. How will you #HackTheCraft?


Join our craft community!

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Happy National Craft Month!