Is there anything better than receiving mail from someone you love?! Now, more than ever, it’s important to spread kindness when there’s distance between all of us. From handcrafted letters to silly little notes, send some Happy Mail to the people who matter most. We’ve rounded up 10 ways to make the people in your life a little extra happy this week!



1. Shake Up Some Sunshine

Make someone’s day shine a little brighter when you send them a sequin shaker greeting card! Cut any shaped window on the front of the card — you can even use one of our design templates — and fill it with sequins to make it sparkle! Then, decorate the rest of the card and write a sweet message inside.

2. String Painting

Try your hand at abstract art! Skip the paintbrush, use yarn with acrylic paint, and brush against card stock to create patterns and shapes for your happy mail! Watch this tutorial on string painting to get started today!

3. Perfect Printables

Choose your favorite happy mail designs, like rockin’ toads, happy bees, egg-cellent days, hello waves, and over the rainbow, then print them at home. Break out the colored pencils and markers to make the templates your own! Once your card is as colorful as you’d like, send the silly puns and kind messages to anyone who could use a laugh!

4. Apple of Their Eye

Many people are taking on the teaching role — parents, homeschoolers, and online professors/teachers need a little extra love right now! Use stamps and fuzzy sticks to shape an apple fit for a teacher. Inside the card, write a thank you note to your favorite teacher and share it with them to make their day!

5. Mail-A-Hug

Do you miss hugs? Use a large sheet of butcher paper, or break down a paper bag from the grocery store to send one! Trace your head and outstretched arms, then paint features like your hair, eyes, and smile — once it dries, fold it into an envelope! For a full tutorial, check out The Lean Green Bean blog.

6. List-ful Thinking

Practice gratitude! Who are you thankful for? Think of the people who warm your heart, and write down a list of “reasons” they make you smile! Decorate the list with stickers and colorful borders before sending it off. Or, make your own list of “Things that Make Me Happy” to hang up as a reminder to be grateful for today and every day!

7. Puzzling Notes

Write or paint a message on any size sheet of paper or craft sticks — just make sure all your letters are legible! When you’re ready, fold the paper into the smallest square possible, gently unfold and cut across the formed lines. Now, each evenly-sized square is a piece to a mysterious puzzle note — mail it off and give someone a little game to play!

8. Thank You Essentials

Give a big shout-out to the essential workers and healthcare professionals in your area with these amazing coloring pages! Print and draw cards to thank them for their hard work and dedication. Send them off to your local hospital and other essential places to show the people in your community how much they matter — don’t forget to draw one for your postal worker too!

9. Tear, Share, and Wear!

Make your own friendship bracelets to send off to your BFFs! Choose from all sorts of threads and colors to fit everyone’s style, then create your design. Tie the bracelet around a handwritten card telling your friend what their half of the bracelet means, and wear your half right away! Looking for more patterns? Watch this video or use the CPI search bar to find for more.

10. Grow Your Love

Make your own tiny terracotta plant pots to gift to your friends and family, decorate them with acrylic paints, then send the pot with a packet of flower seeds. Pass along this springtime project to watch the love grow between you and the most important people in your life!