From all-star athletes to inventors, poets, and even rocket scientists — Black History Month is a great time to celebrate people whose achievements made an impact on the world and changed it for the better. Honor and celebrate the legacies of influential Black people with these craft project ideas!


1. All You Need is Love!

A simple phrase, like “Love All, Accept All’ goes a long way! Craft a warm welcome with a handmade banner — and follow the journey of Ruby Bridges, the first African-American student to integrate a school in Louisiana.

2. Shine Some Light on Garrett Morgan!


3. Always Write with Maya Angelou & Toni Morrison!

Let the words of these two writers encourage you to write your own story! Use our template to write and illustrate each page with craft materials like glitter, foam, stickers, and fuzzy sticks to make your story come alive.


4. Street Art Masterpieces!

Get inspired by the famous graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat and learn a new abstract art technique! Paint a self-portrait on a canvas using bright colors, dimensions, and words to express yourself through art.


5. Reach for the Stars!

Paint, brushes, and planetary cut-outs form the perfect equation for making your own starry galaxy! Set your sights high and explore the night sky with NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson!


6. Rocket Out of this World!

Become a rocket scientist with craft sticks, paint, fuzzy sticks, and poms! Blast off with this rocket craft and the first African-American woman to go to space, Mae C. Jemison!


7. Peaceful Paper Dove!

Peace is everywhere! Make a white dove holding an olive branch out of a paper plate and fuzzy sticks to create your own homemade symbol of peace.


8. Wear Your Own Uniform!  

Celebrate the first Olympian to compete while wearing a hijab by creating a uniform that’s unique to you!


9. Skate Like An Olympian 

Flip the script on what you know about figure skaters with Surya Bonaly! Create your own clothespin skater while learning about how she broke the boundaries of the Olympic sport, especially for young Black women!


10. Run With the Best 

Walk in the shoes of three groundbreaking Black Olympians who change the history of track and field athletes. Learn about John Baxter Taylor Jr., Alice Coachman, and Jesse Owens, while designing running sneakers that best represent you!


Who inspires you during Black History Month? Tell us and share your finished crafts with us on Facebook and Instagram — tag @craftprojectideas!