The craftiest corner of the internet is officially the smartest one, too!


Now, parents and teachers can take their curriculum to a whole new level by weaving subjects like math, science, history, and reading into their craft projects. Perfect for any classroom or afterschool activity, the Teacher’s Corner offers age-appropriate lessons and discussions for students in Pre-K to 8th grade.


Located on the right-hand side of our ‘How To’ pages, the Teacher’s Corner guides parents and teachers to explore outside the craft! The green box is separated into three parts highlighting ways to make the craft a useful learning tool through fun games, resources, and tips!


Your new favorite crafts are right around the Teacher’s Corner — first on the agenda: back-to-school! Whether it’s a craft stick school bus or schoolhouse picture frame, there’s a lesson for all the supplies stocked up in your craft room! Ease your students back into the semester while inspiring conversations around safety, individuality, and much more.


Check back throughout the year for more exciting crafts designed exclusively with teachers in mind!