With the beautiful weather this Summer and Fall, why not take your creativity outside? So many crafts and beautiful DIY projects can be made using natural materials. Explore the wild outdoors, find some materials and get crafting!


1. Happy Acorn Necklaces – Whimsy Love


2. Nature Paint Brushes -Apple Green Cottage


3. Nature Craft Boy or Girl – Mother Natured


4. Rock Art Face Puzzles -Craft Project Ideas


5. Pine Cone Flowers – Emma Owl


6. Leaf Heart With Message  – Mother Natured


7. Twig Frame – Carolyn’s Homework



8. Bark Owl  – Fireflies and Mud Pies


9. Flower Crown – Lotts and Lots



10. Oil Pastel Nature Rubbings – Craft Project Ideas



11. Flower Mandala – Nurture Store



12. Feather Pencils – Jader Bomb



13. Twig Boat – Easy Peasy and Fun

Let us know your favorite nature craft ideas over on our Crafty Community Facebook Group! Happy Crafting!