Meet the mother-daughter duo behind the pun-niest book of 2021 — Jenn & Chlo! Their best-selling book, Once ‘A Pun’ A Time — A Guide to Reading and Telling Jokes for Kids, inspires kids and parents to mix fun with learning. Now, they’ve joined us in the craftiest corner of the internet to discuss all things creative, educational, and crafty. They’ve even brought exclusive offers for CPI crafters including an activity booklet, a coupon offer, and a chance for a giveaway prize! Let’s get to know Wolf Cub Chlo!   


1. What inspired you to write a book together?

Jenn: We surveyed our readers and ourselves and looked at other fun books that are educational but have the ultimate fun factor. We realized Activity Books should be the ultimate companion to the joke book. So, we began researching the primary components in an activity book and what most were missing. Chlo helped create ideas about what activities kids would like to see more of and I created them.


2. Wolf Cub Chlo, what would say to other kids who want to write books?

Chlo: Go for it! You can do it. If I can do it, you can do it too and it’s so much fun. People need to read more from kid authors, we have voices too.


3. Jenn, how do you see writing as a useful tool for students?

Jenn: As an English teacher for 10 years, I always preach “good writers make good readers.” Reading and writing are like peanut butter and jelly, you need both for the ultimate culinary experience. The mechanics of writing improve comprehension, phonics, and critical thinking skills, since they are synthesizing, processing, and organizing information before jotting it down. It also gives the writer a voice and improves communication.


4. Writing is a great destressing activity — what do you two do to relax?

Chlo: I love to draw, create comics and write in my diary.

Jenn: I’m a mom, and the word ‘de-stress’ is foreign to me, but I’ve enjoyed finding 10 minutes a day for self-care — goes a long way. Whether it’s listening to my favorite podcast, scrolling on my phone, kicking my feet up to relax, doing my nails, or chatting with a friend, I make sure there’s at least 10 minutes in the day just for me.


5. Chlo, what are your favorite craft materials?

Chlo: I love everything I can get my hands on. Glue, glitter, markers, food coloring, clay, play dough — you name it, I love it!


6. Would you rather spend the whole day crafting or the whole day reading, and why?

Chlo: I would spend the whole day crafting, then I’ll read. Crafting is super fun and I love creating and designing new things. I especially love creating experiments in my lab.

Jenn: She calls her room her lab. She’s a little scientist and will literally create an experiment out of anything. I’ve found toothpaste, food coloring, liquid soap, and water in her test tubes.


7. What’s your favorite type of D.I.Y. project?

Chlo: I really don’t have a preference. I love all crafts and creating all things with crafts — l love nature projects too… That just gave me another idea!


8. What are some of your favorite projects on CPI?

Chlo: There are so many cool crafts on the website I don’t think I have a favorite. I love the foam donut with sprinkles, the foodie fun rock art — especially because I love collecting rocks. I just saw the pumpkin yard stakes and I would love to try that one too! So many fun ideas, my mom leaves the tab open on her computer when we want to check for different ideas.


9. What are the books you’d recommend for people who love puns as much as you guys do?

Chlo: As a start, I would recommend my joke book – Once ‘A Pun’ a Time- A Guide to Reading and Telling Jokes For Kids by Wolf Cub Chlo. That’s my pen name. It’s colorful and super fun. The first part is all my jokes to make you smile. The second part, I teach you the secret joke formula, so you learn how to practice making others smile too! I know you’re going to love it.


10. And finally, what are some of your favorite puns?!

Chlo: My favorite thing to do is create jokes with puns! Here are some from my Once ‘A Pun’ a Time joke book and a new joke book I’m working on:

  • Q: What kind of pokemon gets sick the most? A: Pick-aaaaachoooo!! (Ew, I hope he had his mask on!)
  • Q: What did the fallen horse say to the other horses? A: Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t gitty-up!
  • Q: How long do Guinea pigs like to go on vacation? A: A wheek!!
  • Q: Where do secret detectives sleep? A: Undercovers!


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