Raise your hand if you love teachers as much as we do! Educators go above and beyond for their students and classrooms and it’s time to show our gratitude. Find inspiration through thank you cards and handmade gifts for all your favorite teachers and discover all the reasons to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week!


Reason 1: They Deserve All the Gold Stars  

Recycled materials, foam sheets, and a video tutorial — what more do you need to create this supply box. Personalize the front with your favorite teacher’s name, either with marker or more foam stickers! Then, stuff this handmade craft with must-have school supplies and treats (like a gift card to their go-to coffee place)!


Reason 2: Teachers Make the World Go ‘Round  

Say thanks in your own special way! Print our apple template and add any stamp design to the front and create your handmade World’s Best Teacher card. While you craft, learn about other teachers that have made history!


Reason 3: They Help You Find Your Wings

Show teachers your appreciation with an interactive ladybug card! Use red & black construction paper, a metal fastener, and wiggly eyes to create a body with moveable wings, then add a picture under the wings with a note telling how much they mean to you!


Reason 4: You’re the Apple of Their Eye

Every teacher loves apples, especially when they’re crafted by their students! Create an apple ornament from paper plates by coloring them with paints and threading them together with fuzzy sticks and beads. Share it with your #1 teacher to hang in the classroom!


Reason 5: They’re Always Ready to Lend A Hand

Teaching Mama’s handprint flower pot expresses gratitude to the teachers who’ve helped little ones grow. Grab finger paint and create a one-of-a-kind flower on construction paper (or canvas!). For extra fun, leave space for two handprints — one at the beginning of the school year and one at the end to see the growth side-by-side!


Reason 6: They Make Special Connections with Students   

There’s no such thing as too many magnets on the classroom board! From apples to schoolhouses, buses & chalkboards, these school-themed melty beads make the perfect magnets — just add magnetic buttons to the back when you’re ready!


Reason 7: Teachers Act as Superheroes

Leave it to the Artsy Momma to give us a craft for our super sweet teachers! Personalize this printable by drawing your teacher’s face, use friendship thread for hair, plus foam stickers, glitter glue, & gemstones for the cape! Then, wrap it around the candy bar with a fun note.


Reason 8: Their Classroom Feels like Home  

Some teachers make every year picture-perfect — show your jumbo-sized appreciation with this schoolhouse picture frame! Shape jumbo craft sticks into a 4.5 x 4.5-inch frame, just large enough to fit your favorite class photo, then add magnet buttons to the back!


Reason 9: They All Rock!

Express your love through rockin’ art! Transform ordinary stones into colorful masterpieces like this “Olive You” creation! Pick up a Made By Me® Rock Art set, customize your stones, then gift them as unique paperweights for your teachers’ desks!


How will you craft your appreciation for teachers? You’re invited to create with us — bring your project ideas to the craft table as a CPI creator!