Pillowcase Cape

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Turn an ordinary pillowcase into a fun cape for Halloween or dress up, using Simply Spray® Project paint!


  • Pillowcase (queen sized)
  • Utility Knife **Adult supervision required
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Painter's Tape or Masking Tape
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Chipboard
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil
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Step 1. Gather your materials.



Step 2. 


Lay your pillowcase with the open end at the top. Use the fabric scissors to cut a half moon shape at the open end of the pillowcase. This is the area that will go around your neck.


Step 3.


Cut two triangles on the top left and right sides of the pillowcase to create two strips to tie the cape.


Step 4.


Fold over the bottom edge of each triangle and use double stick tape to create finished edges.


Step 5. 


Draw a design on a piece of chipboard to create your stencil. To recreate the cape show here, print out the template we designed by clicking the “template” button on this page. Cut out all three parts of the template and trace on the chipboard. You may need an adult to use a pair of scissors or a utility knife for this step.


Step 6.


You should now have three parts to our template, #1 is the full shape outline, #2 is just the lightning bolt shape and #3 is the inner pentagon shape.


Step 7.


Place stencil #1 in the center of the pillowcase where you want your design. Add stencil #2 inside this shape as shown. Use scraps of paper around all sides of the stencil to protect the rest of your cape. Use yellow Simply Spray® Project Paint and cover the full area inside the stencil. Allow paint to dry 60 minutes, or until if feels dry when touched.


Step 8.


Remove stencil #2, but leave stencil #1. Place stencil #3 inside stencil #1. You should now see a lightning bolt shape in the opening. Use black Simply Spray® Project Paint to cover this lightning bolt shape and set aside to dry at least 60 minutes.


Step 9.


Once dry, remove all stencils. Use painter’s or masking tape to create a unique design around the other areas of the cape. We sectioned ours into 5 different sections.


Step 10.


Place the #2 and #3 stencils back over the sprayed design to protect it.


Step 11.


Using blue and yellow Simply Spray® Project paint, alternate spraying each section between the tape. Allow to dry for 60 minutes before removing the tape and using the cape!