Pom Dragon

  • All Ages

Prove that not all dragons are scary by making this cuddly dragon craft from a pile of soft Poms!


  • Wiggly Eyes 7mm
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Pom Pom Dragon Craft

Pom Pom arts and Crafts

Step 2.


Glue together (1) large Pom, (1) jumbo Pom and (1) large Pom to form the dragon’s body.

Pom Pom Dragon

Step 3.


Glue (1) medium Pom to one end for the head and (3) medium Poms to the other end to create the tail.

Pom Pom Dragon arts and crafts for kids

Step 4.


Glue (1) Wiggly Eye to each of the (2) white Poms as the Dragon’s eyeballs.

Dragon Pom Pom Mascot

Step 5.


Glue eyeballs onto dragon’s head.

Dragon Pom Pom kids craft

Step 6.


Glue (6) medium Poms to dragon’s body as spikes.

How to make a pom pom dragon

Step 7.


Glue (5) small Poms to dragon’s tail to continue the spikes down his whole body.

pom pom craft

Step 8.


Glue (3) extra small Poms onto (1) medium Pom to create a dragon foot. Repeat to make 4 feet total.

Pom Pom Dragon Craft

Step 9. 


Glue feet onto dragon’s body. Allow glue to dry at least 30 minutes before giving this Pom Dragon a cuddly hug!

To see a video of this project in action, click here!