Practice ABCs with Melty Beads

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use Melty Beads to practice color sorting, hand-eye coordination and your ABCs!


  • Melty Beads Ultimate Kit
  • Melty Beads Variety Pack
  • Iron **Adult assistance may be required


Melty Beads can provide hours of educational entertainment for young children on a rainy day. Use Melty Beads to practice colors, hand-eye coordination and the alphabet!

This craft comes in a variety of pegboard shapes, colors and sizes. Jumbo Melty Beads are great for younger children, as the pegboard surface and the beads are larger in size. These are the easiest to pick up and place on the pegboard. To make detailed designs try smaller Melty Beads kits, which come in different color selections, including a Glow In The Dark variety!

Here are suggestions to get started:

  • First, have the child sort colors into smaller containers, like egg cartons, cups or muffin tins. This task can help strengthen color recognition for children in a fun way!
  • Next, have the child select colors to create a specific shape or icon. In this case, we concentrated on practicing the alphabet. It might be helpful to first draw out the letter as a visual reference. Then have the child place the beads onto the pegboard to mimic that shape. Placing beads onto the provided pegboard is another way for a young child to practice their hand-eye coordination.
  • If desired, an adult can melt the beads using an iron and the provided ironing sheets. Add a magnet on the back and attach to your fridge! To learn more about this process, click here.

Here, Ellie, age 5, is creating the letter “E” using the Jumbo Melty Bead kit.