Plaster of Paris 8 lb.

Plaster of Paris is an affordable and multi-purpose art material for adults and children alike. Mix and pour plaster into molds to create arts and crafts project, sculptures and three-dimensional forms. Great for school craft activities and home arts and crafts too! Available at Walmart.

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1 lb Plaster Of Paris = 1.75 Cups of Water

2 lbs Plaster of Paris = 3.5 Cups of Water

3 lbs Plaster of Paris = 5.25 Cups of Water

4 lbs Plaster of Paris = 7 Cups of Water

5 lbs Plaster of Paris = 8.75 Cups of Water

6 lbs Plaster of Paris = 10.5 Cups of Water

7 lbs Plaster of Paris = 12.25 Cups of Water

8 lbs Plaster of Paris = 14 Cups of Water




Cover your area with newspaper or drop cloth before mixing plaster. You should only mix enough plaster that can be used in 30 minutes. Always add one material to the other slowly and mix as you go. Mix until lumps are gone, or it is the consistency of pancake batter.




Plaster will set in 20 – 30 minutes, however, it is recommended to let plaster air dry for at least 24 hours before handling or decorating. A wire rack works best for drying plaster because air can circulate all around it. Do not set plaster project to dry on a surface that can be damaged by evaporating water.




Paint with any water base acrylic, latex or oil base paints.




Do not pour plaster down the drain, it will harden!

Adult supervision recommended.