Skating Polar Bear

Make a skating polar bear picture that slides along the ice! Create an interactive scene using a paper plate and wood craft stick!


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Step 1. Gather your materials.

Skating Polar Bear Glitter Collage

Silver Glitter Mountain Scene

Step 2.

Using a pencil, draw an icy mountain scene. Trace the lines with your glue and cover in Silver Glitter

Glitter Mountain Scene with Glitter Poms

Step 3.

Paint a blue sky into your scene with your Watercolor Palette and glue on Glitter Poms to represent falling snow.

Polar Bear Collage

Step 4.

Cut the top of a paper plate to follow the shape of the mountains.

Recycle a paper plate for your craft

Step 5.

Use scissors, to cut a 2 1/2 inch slit on the paper plate.

Add blue Glitter to your collage

Step 6.

Draw a pond on the paper plate, with the slit inside the pond. Cover this area in Blue Glitter.

Winter Collage picture for kids

Step 7.

Apply glue to the edges of the paper plate and attach to the background design.

Mae a picture of a Bear

Step 8.

Make a cute character to ice skate on your pond on a separate piece of card stock. Tip: If this shape is challenging for you to draw, download our free template of a skating polar bear by clicking the “template” button on this page.

Decorate your polar bear

Step 9.

Decorate your character with paint and other craft materials. Glue a skinny stick to the back of the polar bear.

Glitter Picture Skating Polar Bear

Step 10.

Once dry, insert the stick into the slit cut in Step 5. Move this stick back and forth to make your polar bear skate on the glitter pond!