Spider Web Wand

  • All Ages

Use fuzzy sticks (like pipe cleaners) and poms to create an adorable spiderweb wand to wave around this Halloween! "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly..."


  • EZ Grip Paint Brushes, 5 pack
  • Sparkle Elastic Cord
  • White Fuzzy Sticks 100 Pack
  • Black Fuzzy Sticks
  • 3/16″ Round Dowels 16 Pack
  • Foam Sheet
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Spiderweb Halloween Costume

DIY Spiderweb

Step 2.

To make the spider, cut (3) black Fuzzy Sticks into thirds.  Take (4) pieces of fuzzy stick and bend them to make (8) legs. Glue the legs onto the large Pom.

Halloween Wand

Step 3.

For the head of the spider, glue the medium Pom to the large Pom. Add Wiggly Eyes and (2) small triangles made of a white foam sheet for teeth.

Halloween Craft

Step 4.

To begin the web, take a white Fuzzy Stick and make a circle. Secure the ends by winding them together.

Halloween kids craft

Step 5.

Weave (3) white Fuzzy Sticks in and out of the circle, as shown. 

Kids craft spiderweb

Step 6.

Wind (1) Fuzzy Stick over and under the (3) Fuzzy sticks from Step 5.

Witch Wand

Step 7.

Take all open ends of the Fuzzy Sticks and wind them together to secure the web. Next, glue your spider in the center.

Halloween Witch Wand

Step 8.

To make the fly, glue (2) small black Poms together. Cut out (2) small wings out of foam sheet and glue in place. Glue on (2) small Wiggly Eyes.

Halloween Accessory

Step 9.

Cut a piece of Sparkle Elastic Cord to about 12-inches. Tie the Elastic Cord to the web and around the middle of the fly.

Simply Spray

Step 10.

Spray a Wooden Dowel with black Simply Spray® Project Paint. Watch our instructional video on to use the spray.

Spiderweb wand

Step 11.

Glue your web to your Wooden Dowel.

You now have a creepy crawly wand for Halloween!