Square Knot “Best Friends” Bracelet

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

You and your best friend can have matching “Best Friends” bracelets using this square knot technique and small alphabet beads!


  • Friendship Thread Mega Pack
  • Clipboard
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Cut (4) pieces of friendship thread to the desired length (ours is 24″), tie a knot at the end and secure for crafting.  Separate the four strands, pulling the two center base strands straight down and leave the left and right strands loose. Note: in the square knot design, only two colors will be seen in the knotted pattern.


Step 3.


Stiffen both ends of the center strands by rolling each between your fingers with a dab of craft glue. Allow glue to dry. This will help when threading the beads at a later step.


Step 4.


We explained how to do the square knot technique here , but will reiterate it in these steps. First make a spiral knot. Cross the left strand over the center base strands, leaving a loop.


Step 5.


Take the end of this same left strand and pass under the center base strands.


Step 6.


Pull this same left strand through the loop created in step 4.


Step 7.


Pull right and left strands to tighten.


Step 8.


To make a square knot, you will repeat the steps above for a spiral knot using the right strand. Cross the right hand strand over the center strands leaving a loop. Take the end of this same right hand strand and pass under the center base strands. Pull this right hand strand through the loop created and pull tight to create the knot.


Step 9.


Repeat to make several square knots at the beginning of the bracelet.


Step 10.


After several knots, string on the first alphabet bead onto the center 2 strands.  Hopefully you find it easy to thread after putting the glue on the ends in step 3!


Step 11.


Create several square knots after each bead before adding the next one. You’ll notice that the strands on the first two knots after a bead will hug it nicely and keep it in place!


Step 12.


Once you spelled your full phrase, knot several square knots before tying a large regular knot to finish.


Step 13.


Trim any excess and tie the ends together to wear. Repeat these steps to make a matching bracelet for your bestie!