Stamped Origami Baskets

  • All Ages

Learn how to turn a stamped piece of paper into a basket using the art of folding paper called Origami


  • Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks
  • Hole Punch


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Cover a square piece of paper with stamps and allow it to dry.

Step 3.

Turn your paper over, so that the stamped side is face down. Fold your paper in half, making sure to line up the edges the best you can. Crease the paper by pressing your fingers along the folded edge.

Step 4.

Unfold your paper and fold the paper in half, the opposite direction from step 3.

Step 5.

Unfold your paper. Fold all the corners of the paper to middle, using the crease lines as your guide.

Step 6.

Fold 2 sides of the paper to the middle. The edges will meet.

Step 7.

Unfold the folds from step 6 and fold the opposite sides to the middle.

Step 8.

Unfold the the paper, so that only 2 opposite corners are folded to the middle, as shown.

Step 9.

Using the creases as a guide, fold up the 2 sides of the paper, as shown. These will become the sides of your basket.

Step 10.

Next, fold one of the other corners up. As you are folding the paper, bring the sides together, and tuck them in. Tip: The creases that you made in earlier steps will help you with this step.

Step 11.

Fold the top of the paper over,  into the middle to complete the 3rd side of the basket.

Step 12.

Repeat steps 10-11 on the final corner to complete the basket.

Step 13.

Punch holes in opposite sides of the basket.

Step 14.

Twist together a Red and Yellow Fuzzy Stick. Attached the wrapped Fuzzy Stick to the holes of the basket to make a handle. You have completed your origami paper basket.