Teepee & Native American Pegdoll

Craft a mini teepee with a Native American peg doll for some fun imaginary play on Thanksgiving!



Step 1. Gather your materials.


Step 2.


Cut out a 3″ circle from recycled cardboard.


Step 3.


Cut (3) triangular notches, equal distance apart.


Step 4.


Glue the bottom of the straws into the notches and glue together at the top where they meet.


Step 5.


Tie the light suede cording around the three straws.


Step 6.


Wrap around all three straws until you are about halfway down.


Don’t wrap too tightly, as the straws may bend under too much pressure.


Step 7.


Use the next color to wrap around all three straws about five times, then begin wrapping as shown, to create an opening for the teepee.


Step 8.


Wrap the bottom quarter in black suede lacing.


Step 9.


Using a craft knife, trim the sides of the circle. Be sure not to cut too close to where the straws are glued into the notches.


Step 10.


Cover the straws coming out the top with brown feathers.


Step 11.


Wrap an old fashioned clothespin in tan suede lacing. Glue both ends to secure.


Step 12.


Draw a face and glue on some brown feathers.


Step 13.


Paint a tribal pattern or symbols onto the suede lacing.