Tips and Tricks with Oil Pastels

  • All Ages

Oil Pastels are smooth, blendable materials to use in arts and crafts! Follow along as we show you several ways you can use oil pastels in your art!


  • Skinny Sticks
  • Craft Sticks 150 Pack



Use a Wood Craft Stick or Skinny Stick to scrape the Oil Pastels and create cool designs or texture. The darker and harder you color, the easier it will be to see the scraping. You can practice the scraping technique while creating an impressionist landscape.


Oil Pastels color thicker and are oilier than traditional crayons. When using them you can overlap the colors, so that they will blend together where the colors overlap.


Place a flat object with texture, such as a coin or leaf, under a piece of paper. Hold the object and paper in place with one hand. Use your other hand to rub over object with the side of an oil pastel. The design of your object will appear on the paper.


First, use a dark colored oil pastel to draw your design. Next, fold over the paper and rub over the paper with a wood craft stick. You will notice the design transfers onto the other side. Try this technique to make symmetrical designs, like a butterfly!


Use painter’s tape to cover up areas of your paper.  Color over the tape. When you remove the tape you will have a cool design. You can use the tape to make your initials, or try this warm/cool color masking project.


Oil pastels can be applied as a thick layer when coloring. Use wood craft sticks to then scratch away some of the color to make textured designs. Go one step further and create your own scratch art with a black paint overlay, as seen in this craft.