Tissue Paper Topiary

  • Young Adult

Insert tissue paper flowers into a foam base to create a topiary centerpiece.


  • Round Dowels Assorted Sizes
  • Tissue Paper (assorted colors)
  • Terra Cotta Flower Pot
  • 2 foam Balls (1 large, 1 small)
  • Straight Pins with colored tops (**may require adult assistance)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

how to make a topiary

tissue paper flower topiary

Step 2.

Begin by creating the flowers. Cut green tissue paper into 7” x 3” pieces.

how to make a tissue paper topiary

Step 3.

Fold the piece of tissue paper in half, lengthwise.

kids craft topiary

Step 4.

Fold the paper in half again, as shown.


Step 5.

Fold the paper in half again to form a square.

flower topiary

Step 6.

Place the square between your fingers and tuck one corner of the square back and behind, to create sort of a cup shape. (It doesn’t have to be perfect.)

sequin and tissue paper topiary

Step 7.

Thread a pin through the center of a large Sequin.

flower topiary

Step 8.

Insert the decorated pin into the tissue paper flower. Make sure the pin goes through the middle of the cup shape formed and also through the corner that was tucked behind. This will keep the cup shape.

kids craft flower topiary

Step 9.

Push the pin with the tissue paper into the large foam ball.

flower topiary

Step 10.

Repeat steps 2-9 to create more flowers using different colors of tissue paper and insert them into the foam ball. Leave one small area uncovered.

topiary with paper flowers wooden dowel and sequins

Step 11.

Gently push a Wooden Dowel into an uncovered area of the foam ball. Then finish covering the ball with the flowers.

kids craft topiary

Step 12.

Place some green tissue in the bottom of a flower pot. We used our Glittered Flowerpot shown here.

Flowerpot topiary

Step 13.

Place the small foam ball into the flower pot, making sure it sits snug at the bottom.  If it’s loose, add some more tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Topiary

Step 14.

Gently push the bottom of of the Wooden Dowel into the small foam ball.

Step 15.

Add green tissue paper to hide the top of the small foam ball and you have finished the Topiary. Use as a centerpiece on your table or an accent around the home!