Valentine’s Day Card Display

Create a wreath from a paper plate to help display your Valentine's Day cards



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Valentine's Display

Step 2.

Paint a pattern of choice on a paper plate. We created stripes with purple and dark pink Acrylic Paint.

Handmade Valentine's Day Display

Step 3.

Paint (7) Wood Clothespins with colors of choice. We used light pink, dark pink and purple. Set these items aside to dry.

How to make a Valentine's Display

Step 4.


Search through your Alphabet Stencil pack to find the letters L, O, V and E to spell “Love”. Trace the positive piece of Alphabet Stencil onto a piece of red construction paper. Tip: You will be cutting out the letters from this paper so they don’t need to be traced in order.

Step 5.


For our project, we added glitter to the letters with two different colors, alternating a pattern with every other letter. To do this, first cut out each letter to separate them.

Glitter and Valentine's Cards

Step 6.


Pour a small amount of glue onto a small tray or paper plate. Use a paintbrush and paint glue onto the letter.

Step 7.

Sprinkle Glitter over glue area. Shake off any excess glitter and set letter aside to dry. Repeat process with all four letters to spell “LOVE” in glitter. Tip: glitter each of the letters over a sheet of scrap paper. This way you can roll the paper like a cone and pour it back into the glitter container for future use.

Step 8.

Poke a hole at the top of the paper plate and thread a Fuzzy Stick through the hole. Twist to secure to create a hanger for your display.

Step 9.


Glue the (7) painted clothespins from step 3 on the outside of the paper plate with the clip side facing out with a strong glue. Tip: to make this part more secure, you might want to glue these on using hot glue gun. Ask an adult to help if you choose the hot glue gun option. 

Make a Valentine's Display

Step 10.


Fold a piece of pink construction paper in half. Draw half a heart shape along the folded side and use scissors to cut it out. Unfold to reveal a full heart shape.

Valentine Card Display

Step 11.

Glue the glittered “LOVE” letters onto the heart shape.

Step 12.


Glue the heart onto the front of the paper plate. Once dry your card display will be ready to hang! Clip Valentine’s cards you receive into the clothespin clips and hang where you can proudly display all your treasures!

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