Wet Fresco Plaster Painting

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Learn how to create a Fresco using Plaster of Paris and Paint.


  • Paint Brushes Triangle Handle
  • Plaster of Paris 4 lb.
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Water
  • Small foam plate or tray


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

fresco painting kids craft idea

how to mix plaster of paris

Step 2.

Start planning what you want to paint before you start. Once you pour the Plaster, you will want to start and finish the picture before the Plaster completely hardens. Mix and pour the Plaster into a small foam tray. Click here to learn more about mixing Plaster of Paris.

Kids craft fresco paint

Step 3.

Pour a small amount of paint into the palette. Let the Plaster set for a few minutes so that the top of the Plaster is firm but still wet.  Start applying some paint to the Plaster. Tip: If the Plaster is too wet, the tip of your brush will sink into the Plaster. If this happens, just clean your brush, wait a minute or two and try again.

plaster project fresco painting

Step 4.

 You will want to finish your picture all in one sitting. Notice how the colors of the paint in the wet plaster are very soft. Painting on the wet Plaster will make the colors look very different than if you painted on the dry Plaster.

kids craft plaster project

Step 5.

Once finished, let the Plaster set overnight and then gently remove from the tray.

Further Discussion:

Frescos are paintings that are created by adding paint to wet plaster. When an artist paints a mural, or a large painting, on a wall, they start by applying a layer of plaster to the wall and then add the paint. The paint sinks into the plaster as it dries and it becomes part of the wall. Paint looks very different on wet plaster, than on dry. The artist would continue painting the wall, adding fresh plaster on each small section. The process is time consuming, but the results are beautiful. The word Fresco is Italian for fresh, and is used to describe the process of painting with fresh plaster. Frescos are very common in churches across Italy, including the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome. Review other popular frescos by artists like Michael Angelo, Diego Rivera, and Giotto di Bondone.