Wiggly Eye Hand Puppet

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Turn your hand into a colorful bird puppet, using Wiggly Eyes and just a few other craft materials. Paint and decorate both your hands or have a friend make one too and put on a performance!


  • Paint Brushes Triangle Handle
  • Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks
  • Face Paint Jars 6 Pack
  • Wiggly Eyes 25mm
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Hand puppet with wiggly eyes

Hand puppets for children

Step 2.

Place a yellow Fuzzy Stick between your (2) middle fingers on your left hand, as shown. Tip: if you are left handed, you might want to decorate your right hand.

How to make a hand puppet

Step 3.

Wrap each end of the Fuzzy Stick once around each of your (2) fingers and back up, as shown.

Make puppets

Step 4.

When you have completed Step 3, both ends of the Fuzzy Stick will stick up, as shown. The Fuzzy Stick will be securely looped around your fingers, but should be able to slide off your hand.

Children's craft hand puppet

Step 5.

After sliding the Fuzzy Stick off your hand, gently roll the ends between your fingers to create (2) small coils.

Googly Eye puppet project

Step 6. 

Glue the Wiggly Eyes to each of the coils and let dry.

Wiggly eye puppet project

Step 7.

Before moving to the next step, slide the yellow Fuzzy Stick piece back on your hand to make sure that is fits comfortably with the eyes attached.

Face paint hand puppet

Step 8.

Remove the yellow Fuzzy Stick piece and paint your hand with Face Paint. Tip: don’t forget to paint your palm as the bird’s mouth. When you open your hand, people will be able to see your palm. We painted our palm red.

Make a hand puppet

Step 9.

To create the feathers for your puppet, wrap a blue Fuzzy Stick around the palm of your hand, and twist to secure. The Fuzzy Stick should come across your knuckles. Curl each end of the Fuzzy Stick. Tip: you might need the assistance of a friend for this step.

Kids hand puppet

Step 10.

Repeat Step 9 with 2 more Fuzzy Sticks in different colors.

Wiggly Eye Bird Hand Puppet

Step 11.

Slide the yellow Fuzzy Stick piece back on your fingers to finish your puppet.