Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

Shake this handmade snow globe and watch the glitter winter wonderland appear right inside the jar!



This snow globe project requires the help of an adult. We will first make a Melty Bead snowman, then set it inside a jar filled with water, glitter and a bit of glycerin to make the glitter fall slowly when the jar is shaken. Glycerin is a material often found in soap and can be purchased at a pharmacy.  Glycerin will thicken the water so that the glitter moves gently around the snow globe when shaken.

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Using the round pegboard and white Melty Beads, create the small circle shown. This will be your snowman head.

Step 3.

Place the wax paper provided in kit over the beads and pegboard. Have an adult use the iron to melt the beads together. Keep the iron over the beads for approximately 15-20 seconds or until it is melted together. Set shape to the side to cool.

Step 4.

Create the second medium circle shown. This will be the middle section of your snowman. Once complete, have an adult repeat step 3 and use iron to melt the beads together.

Step 5.

Create the third large half circle as shown. It is only a half shape so that it can stand on the jar lid at a later step. This will be the bottom base of the snowman. Once complete, have an adult repeat step 3.

Step 6.

To create the snowman, lay the three snowman parts on wax paper. Fold over the wax paper on top. Have an adult use an iron to melt these shapes together. Set aside to cool.

Step 7.

Once cooled, ask an adult to use water proof glue (such as hot glue) to adhere eyes and nose onto the snowman’s head. 

Step 8.

Have adult glue snowman onto interior of the jar top with water proof glue. If desired, add additional white pony beads to bottom of snowman to look like a snowbank.

Step 9.

Add 3 tablespoons of white glitter to the jar and filled it with water. *Fill the jar close to the top with water. Have an adult add approximately 1/4 cup of of glycerin to water.

Step 10.

Have an adult add water proof glue to the interior of the jar top and close the lid firmly. To ensure that the jar top was closed well, add more glue around the exterior of the jar lid to create a permanent seal.

Step 11.

Once glue is dry, shake jar to create snow globe effect!

Melty beads are great for children to help develope hand/eye coordination.   

Here, Lucas, Age 7, is working on his Melty Bead Snowman.

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