World’s Best Teacher Apple Card

  • History & Social Studies
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 1-3

Use a foam stamp to decorate an area, then cut into an apple shape for a card!


  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Foam stamps
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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Teacher Appreciation


Card for Teacher


Step 2.


Draw an apple shape on a piece of white paper. If desired, print out our template by clicking the “template” button. Press the swirl foam stamp into the red stamp pad and cover the apple shape.

Teacher's Appreciation Day Card


Step 3.


Tip: It’s ok if you go outside the lines as you will be cutting out the shape! Make sure to cover all areas of this shape.

Kids Craft card for teacher


Step 4.


Cut the apple shape out of the paper.

Craft Card for Teacher


Step 5.


Glue red Fuzzy Sticks around the outline of the apple shape.

Teacher's Appreciation Card


Step 6.


Create leaves and a stem from a green Fuzzy Stick and glue to the top of the apple.

Kids Craft Apple Card


Step 7.


Create a little worm from a green Fuzzy Stick and a Wiggly Eye and glue onto the apple.

World's Best Teacher Card


Step 8.


Glue the decorated apple onto the front of a card made of yellow construction paper. Write “World’s Best Teacher” or another message under the card.


Give this card to your favorite teacher as a thank you at the end of the year!



Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a crafty card and inspire students with famous teachers in history!    

  • Miracle Worker: Some teachers go above and beyond! Anne Sullivan was only 20 years old when she began teaching Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf. Sullivan stayed by her side for 49 years, helping her develop special ways to communicate, like spelling out words on her palms!
  • Teacher First: Eleanor Roosevelt advocated for girls’ education by founding a finishing school called the Todhunter School for Girls, where she encouraged independent thinking through literature and history. Her kind actions helped many people throughout her husband’s presidency, and later, she served as Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights for the United Nations!

There are so many wonderful teachers to look up to! Encourage your students to research a teacher who changed the world. Where are they from? How did they grow up? Why did they want to be a teacher? Once they’ve answered these questions, have each student present their findings with the class — extra points if they dress like their favorite historical teacher!