Dragonfly Bead Pet

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

With the spring season in full bloom, why not create a dragonfly craft to fly around the gardens? String pony beads onto cords in a specific pattern to create this multi-winged insect!


  • Made by Me™ Bead Pets
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Bead Pet made with pony beads

How to create a bead pet

Step 2.

Before staring this craft, you may want to watch our video How to Make Bead Pets here.

Cut Braiding Cord to 48 inches. Stiffen both ends by rolling it between your finger with a dab of craft glue. Allow glue to dry. This will help when threading the beads.

Bead Pet Instructions

Step 3.

Create a lark knot on the key ring. To learn how to create a lark knot, click here. To create Row 1, thread (1) black Pony Bead onto the left hand string. Note: this project can be made both with the Made By Me Bead Pets kit or using Pony Beads in the colors listed.

Bead Pet with Metallic Pony Beads

Step 4.

Take your right hand string and lace back through the bead from the other end.

Keychain pony bead bead pet

Step 5.

Pull cords tight to form the first row of the Dragonfly’s body.

Kids Craft Pony Bead Pet

Step 6.

Repeat Steps 3-5 to create a second black beaded row for the dragonfly’s body.

Bead Pet Instructions

Step 7.

To create one wing, thread the following through the left hand string: (4) metallic green beads, (4) metallic blue beads and (4) metallic green beads.

How to make a dragonfly bead pet

Step 8.

Thread the end of this left hand string back through the second black bead of the dragonfly’s body completed in Step 6. Pull tight to complete the first wing.

Bead Pet Dragonfly

Step 9.

Repeat Steps 7 and 8 with the right hand string to complete the mirrored dragon fly wing.

How to make a metallic pony bead dragonfly

Step 10.

Repeat Steps 3-5 to add a third black each to the dragonfly’s center body. Repeat Steps 7-9 to create another set of dragonfly wings. Make sure you are threading these wings through the third black bead of the dragonfly’s body.

Bead Pet Instructions

Step 11.

Repeat Steps 3-5 to add (5) more black beads to complete the center of the dragonfly’s body. Tie a double knot with the cords and trim excess with scissors. Congrats! You have completed a dragonfly bead pet!