Friendship Bracelet Pattern: Xs and Os

  • Young Adult

Make forward and backward spiral knots to create X's and O's in your friendship bracelet!


  • Scissors
  • Clipboard


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Valentine's Day Friendship Bracelet

Diamond Shape Friendship Bracelet

Step 2.

To create this bracelet, you will need to know how to make forward spiral knots and backward spiral knots. As well as the diamond pattern. 

How to make a friendship bracelet

Step 3.

Cut (2) colors of friendship thread to a desired length. Our example uses (4) 60 inch pieces of red thread and (1) 84 inch piece of pink thread. The longer thread will be used to create the X and O shapes. Fold the threads in half, tie a knot.

How to make a friendship bracelet with friendship thread

Step 4.

Secure your threads for crafting. Arrange your threads so that you have the long threads, in our example, pink, on the outside.

Diamond Pattern Friendship Thread

Step 5.

Follow Steps 5-13 of the Diamond pattern to create an “X” shape with the pink thread.

Friendship thread bracelet

Step 6.  

Starting with the two most center red threads, create (2) forward spiral knots and continue to make a reverse chevron with ALL of the strands. Repeat with each of the red threads to make (4) reverse chevrons.

Friendship Bracelet X's and O's

Step 7.

Create one reverse chevron with the pink strands. This will be the top of your letter “O”.

How to make a Valentine's pattern friendship bracelet

Step 8.

Repeat Steps 15-18 of the Diamond pattern to fill in the diamond shape with the red strands. Tip: Make sure you do NOT include the pink strand in these steps. They should remain on the outside of the knotting.

Friendship Bracelet

Step 9.

As the pink strands are now on the outside, use them to create a regular chevron shape to close the “O” shape.

Friendship Bracelet X's and O's

Step 10.

Continue your pattern by creating chevrons with each of the (4) red strands.  You have now created one segment of the “X” and O” pattern! You will notice you are now in the same place you started.

How to make a friendship bracelet

Step 11.

Repeat Steps 1-10 to create additional “X” and “O” segments for your desired bracelet length!