Haunted House

Spook your family and friends with this wood stick haunted house design!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


To create the basic house structure, lay down (11) Wood Craft Sticks vertically and glue down (2) wood Craft Sticks horizontally.


Step 3.


To create the roof of the house, glue (6) Wood Craft Sticks at a slant to create the roof design shown.


Step 4.


Paint the house with purple Glow in the Dark Paint and the roof with Black Acrylic Paint.


Step 5.


To create the door, cut (2) Wood Craft Sticks into 6 pieces of varying sizes.


Step 6.


Next, lay (3) of the pieces with the rounded tips side by side. Glue (2) smaller pieces to the door base at opposite angles to each other (as if the door was boarded up and unwelcoming).


Step 7.


To create the sign, cut (1) Wood Craft Stick into two pieces as shown, with one piece slightly larger than the other.


Step 8.


Glue the longer piece onto the front of the house as the sign post. Take the other piece cut in Step 8 and the last piece cut from Step 5, and glue them onto the sign post.


Step 9.


Paint the door and sign as desired. Remember to paint a message on the sign such as “keep out!”


Step 10.


Paint additional elements such as a black cat, window or bat flying about. You have now created a creepy Haunted House project that will look good in the light or the dark!


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