Jeweled Bangle Bracelet

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Create jewel covered bangle bracelets inspired by the colorful bracelets worn by women in India.


  • Cardboard Tube
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Masking Tape


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Cut a 1/4” piece of cardboard from the end of the tube. Cut around the tube in one continuous cut, so that you end up with a 1/4” inch thin curved piece, as shown.

Step 3.

Cut a second piece the same size as the first.

Step 4.

Using the masking tape, secure the 2 pieces together at one end.

Step 5.

Tape the other ends together. Bangle bracelets are typically large and will hang down on the wrist. You want to adjust the bangle to your wrist, so the it will be easy to get on, but not so large that it falls off.

Step 6.

Cut several small strips of aluminum foil, about 1” x 2”.

Step 7.

Center your bangle on top of a piece of foil, shiny side down against the table, as shown.

Step 8.

Wrap the foil toward the inside of the bangle, keeping the foil tight and snug against the edges of the cardboard.

Step 9.

You want to keep the outside edge of the bangle neat without any seams from the foil. Use the scissors to trim and excess foil from the edges, as shown.

Step 10.

Repeat steps 7-9 to finish wrapping your bangle.

Step 11.

Peel and stick adhesive jewels all the way around the bangle. We picked colors inspired by the bangle bracelets worn by women in India. We chose pink and light blue for this bangle. Tip- pick out your jewels before sticking them on. Lay them out on the table and put them in a pattern.  Our pattern is round pink jewel, blue butterfly, pink heart, round pink jewel, blue butterfly, etc…

Step 12.

Bangle bracelets are usually worn in groups. Repeat steps 1-11 to create another bangle bracelet. This time we used gold and red adhesive jewels.