Melty Bead Snowflakes

Use Melty Beads, specially made pegboards and an iron to create fused designs, such as the winter snowflakes seen here!



To create these designs, lay Melty Beads onto the pegboard shapes shown or create your own designs. Making snowflakes is a great time to talk about symmetry in nature.

To melt, follow the instructions included in your package, or read about the Basics of Melty Beads here!

Octagan Pegboard

Tip: For symmetrical patterns, start at the center and branch out.

Octagan Pegboard

Tip: Even though snowflakes are mostly depicted in white, you can continue the “cool” theme and stick to “cool” colors on the color wheel, such as shades of blue and purple.

Circular Pegboard

Tip: Pair this craft with a discussion on geometry and practice identifying shapes!

Circular Pegboard

Tip: For this design, we first created an outline around the pegboard before filling in the inside.

Octagon Pegboard

Tip: mix shapes, like circles and arrows into your snowflake shapes.

Square Pegboard

Tip: pair this craft with a discussion on symmetry