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Build Your Teacher’s Toolbox at Target & Win Big!

Tackle the back-to-school hustle with a smile on your face because Horizon Group USA and Target have every kind of teacher covered! Bring color and charm to your classroom to make the upcoming school year an absolute blast for your students (or super easy to organize for you). From rainbow bulletin boards to whimsical organizers, our Target-exclusive classroom essentials will infuse your learning space with fun and creativity, ensuring your little learners are excited to jump back into the grind. Check ‘em out!


For Those Who Love to Decorate!

TerrazzopaperDouble Rainbow BordersSmileyface

Every crafty teacher’s dream is to create a colorful space for their students! Adding pops of color to your bulletin boards is a surefire way to boost your students’ spirits. From smiley faces to terrazzo paper rolls, double-sided rainbows borders, along with punch-out ABC and 1, 2, 3’s your blasé boards will look bright and beautiful in no time!


Inspirationalcutouts Positivity Kit

Make your bulletin boards even brighter with the power of positive thinking! Post inspirational accent expressions and customizable positivity décor around your space. Let your students interact with their feelings through prompted discussions, like “Today I feel…” or “Instead of…Think…” Self-awareness and empathy will foster a community in your classroom all year long.


For Those Who Love to Stay Organized!

Sort And StoreMagnetic Pockets Sensory Item Pockets

Keep those offices, classrooms, and homerooms in tip-top shape with colorful storage supplies! Get started by stacking books for early readers in color-coded sort and store totes! Pack craft supplies into magnetic pockets and hang them on your whiteboard, so little hands have easy access to craft time. Or explore sensory play with 20 rainbow items tucked in hanging pocket storage squares!


For Those Who Love Interactive Lessons!

Shapes And Colors

Motivate your learners with visual, hands-on lessons throughout the day! Study color theory and geometry with bilingual cards that make it easy to create shape scavenger hunts, color-matching activities, and group projects.


Counting Numbers

Switch gears and add an invaluable resource into your learning space with counting adventures that develop solid math skills! Each number card helps students visualize and quantify the amounts with digits, alphabetical form, and colored dots — perfect for all kinds of learners!


Fabric State Map

When it’s time for social studies explore the geography of the United States with a large fabric map with a dry-erase feature and corresponding numbers to identify each state. Quiz your students with speed rounds of finding all 50!


For Those Who Love a Schedule!  

Fabric Decor CalendarAll About Today

Counting down the days until the new school year just got easier! This customizable calendar allows students to stay on track and learn structure and routine. Study the months and days in English and Spanish, then learn All About Today with decorative weather and seasonal cut-outs to slide into the pockets. Every day’s a good day when you students are excited about learning!


Make this upcoming school year stress-free and start building your Teacher’s Toolbox with a quick Target run! Or enter to win it all for your classroom with our Instagram giveaway. Happy back-to-school shopping!