November 13th marks World Kindness Day and we’re celebrating with the craft projects that remind us to share the love with others. From random acts of kindness to self-motivating affirmations, show the world how to #CraftWithKindness by creating projects for yourself, your community, and your loved ones!


1. The Same in Every Language















No matter where you are in the world, kindness remains the same. Learn the word for “kindness” in different languages and bring them all together on a canvas craft. Spell the word with different craft materials like bright colored fuzzy sticks, friendship thread, and acrylic paints. The Language of Kindness Canvas shows us that kindness is universal!


2. Fill Your Kindness Cup
















Everyone loves a steaming hot cup of kindness! Glue jumbo craft sticks into a square and paint them your favorite color. Create the mug’s handle by cutting foam into a C-shape and attaching it to one of the sides. Complete the craft by adding embellishments that inspire you to be kind!


3. It’s What Makes the World Go ‘round















Keep performing the random acts of kindness long after World Kindness Day! Create a foam wheel with eight different prompts — like planting flowers, sharing thank you notes, or cleaning up your local park. Then, spin the wheel of kindness to spin the wheel and find a kind deeds you can perform all year round!


4. Send the Love















We can still spread kindness — even when we can’t be together. Get inspired by Artsy Fartsy Mama to create handmade kindness cards to send through the mail or by hand. Our printables are a great place to start: pick from hoppin’ frogs, ocean waves, rainbow, bees, egg-cellent puns — or even happy hearts!


5. Watch Kindness Grow















Make compassion count in your home or classroom! Encourage everyone to incorporate random acts of kindness into their days by keeping track of them on the foam tree trunk attached to a canvas. Add heart stickers every time and watch love grow on the kindness tree.


6. Make Someone’s Day Shine



























Spread sunshine and happiness with Simple Play Ideas! Use construction paper or yellow and orange foam sheets to create suns that read, “You Brighten My Day” — then, give each one to someone who does just that!


7. Surround Yourself with Kindness















Everyone deserves kindness, including yourself! Write the things you love about yourself on painted clothespins and attach them to foam circles that read, ‘I Am.” Keep these words of affirmation close by — whether they’re at a desk or attached to a fridge with a magnet. You can even clip the clothespins to other people’s ‘I Am’ circles to share the kindness!


8. Every Shade of Kindness















Kindness comes in every shape and color! Create a rainbow with recycled cardboard and stretch the colors by painting clothespins — or using colored clothespins — to outline the arch with every color of the rainbow. Add the reminder to “Be Kind” in white clouds both sides of the arch and display this rainbow craft to make everyone feel welcome!


9. Blooming in Affirmations





























Flowers make everyone happy — and these sunflowers give every extra reason to smile. Write what makes you unique on each petal, then attach them around a piece of brown paper to watch the flower bloom. Display the flowers together to grow a sunflower garden of kindness!


10. Kindness Rocks















Leave a little kindness wherever you go — paint your own rock art with pun-y messages or positive sayings. Grab the Made By Me Rock Art Kit or collect rocks from your backyard cover your kindness rock with glitter glue, wiggly eyes, or foam stickers to add something special!


How will you spread kindness every day? #CraftWithKindness and share your projects with us on InstagramPinterestFacebook, & Twitter for more crafty ideas!