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Whose favorite animal is a penguin!? ?? Penguins are some of the most popular wintertime crafts and we can’t get enough! Cozy up in your crafting corner with 13 perfect penguin projects below.

1. Thread Together Penguin Bead Pets 

Penguin Bead Pet Main How To Image

These classic bead pet pals will make the perfect accessory for your backpack or lunchbox. Not to mention, it’s a great activity to keep those little hands busy on snow days. Head to Craft Project Ideas for the full how-to!


2. Create Upcycled Paper Pals 






















What’s black and white and read all over? This upcycled newspaper craft from I Heart Crafty Things! Use old scraps from magazines or newspapers to create the belly of your penguin craft, then cover it in black paint, two wiggly eyes, and don’t forget the orange construction paper beak!


3. Stick with Your Cool Crafts















Head to Craftionary and transform craft sticks, foam shapes, and wiggly eyes into an adorable penguin! Then, use mini magnets to stick on the back and add it to your fridge, locker or even the classroom chalkboard.


4. Paint Penguins in a Pinch































On a Crafty Morning, this paintable project is simple for crafters of all ages. Grab your wooden clothespins, favorite acrylic paints, and brushes to get started. Add the final touches with some sparkly fuzzy stick scarves to accessories your painted penguins!


5. Craft Egg-cellent Penguins

Dsc 2824

Did you know a group of penguins in the water is called a “raft” and a group outside the water is called a “waddle?” Create your own raft of penguins out of recycled egg cartons with this One Little Project!


6. Waddle with Wooden Egg Penguins

Penguin Fb 2 1280x1280

Paint, wiggly eyes, and foam sheets never looked so cool (literally)! Head to Frugal Fun 4 Boys how-to to learn to make waddling penguins with wooden eggs for an adorable winter decoration or gift for someone who loves penguins!


7. Scoop Up this Perfect Penguin Craft

Plastic Spoon Penguin Craft 2

Who knew a plastic spoon could be so cute? Upcycled those utensils with felt shapes and wiggly eyes while following the steps on I Heart Crafty Things‘ blog. These hand-held projects make the perfect puppets for imaginary play, too!


8. Hang Out with Penguin Ornaments 

Penguin Craft For Kids

Join the Kids Craft Room to decorate an adorable penguin ornament to hang up beyond the holidays, all winter long!


9. Mask Up with Your Penguin Friends
















Pink and Green Mama has best craft project for anyone who loves penguins! With a little felt and crafting time, you can become your favorite winter animal with a face mask!


10. Solve A Penguin Puzzle






























How clever is this penguin puzzle? Premeditated Leftovers used craft sticks, markers, and paints to create the fun image of a bowtie-wearing penguin that you and your little ones can mix up and put back together over and over. This craft project is endless fun all winter long!


11. Practice Penguin Shapes 






















Preschool Activities can help you learn about shapes while making a unique penguin craft! From circles, squares, and triangles, little hands will have fun putting it all together to make their own silly winter pal.


12. Play A Game with Your Penguins 

Paper Cup Penguin Craft For Kids 647x1000

Make the most of your crafter-noon with a game from The Imagination Tree. Grab a paper cup, craft materials, and dice to get started! With each roll to collect all parts of your penguin and put them together!


13. Parade Around with your Penguins

Penguinsonparadeprintable Main How To Image

Based on the book Penguins On Parade, download this printable and think outside the box with penguins who are as unique and colorful as you!

Which craft penguin pal will you create? Share your final masterpieces with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page. Happy crafting!