Pilgrim Hat Place Card

  • History & Social Studies
  • Young Adult
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 1-3

Help guests find their seats for dinner with these Pilgrim themed place cards.


  • Acrylic Jewels Assorted 18mm
  • Mini Wood Clothespins, 50 pieces
  • Cardboard paper roll
  • Construction Paper - black
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Rubber band
  • Paper or plastic cup (for tracing)



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Thanksgiving craft



Step 2.


Cut a paper towel or toilet paper roll to 2 ½ inches. This will be the base of your hat shape.

Thanksgiving Craft


Step 3.


Let’s prepare the black construction paper to cover the hat shape. Find a paper or plastic cup who’s mouth or bottom is larger than a cardboard paper roll. Trace the cup shape twice to create (2) circles.

Pilgrim Hat Craft


Step 4.


Use scissors to cut out your circle shapes. One will be used as the brim while the other will be used to cover the hat.

Thanksgiving Craft


Step 5.


Covering the top of a circular shape can be tricky, but here is a good tip! Take one of your black circles and place the cardboard paper roll on top in the center. Use a pencil to trace this shape. You should now have a pencil drawn circle inside the construction paper circle.

Pilgram Place Holder Craft


Step 6.


Take your scissors and cut 1/2 inch slits from the outside ring just touching the pencil marked circle. Continue this all the way around the circle.

Pilgrim Hat arts and crafts project


Step 7.


Place your cardboard paper roll back in the center on the pencil mark. Apply glue to each slit and fold up to glue onto the tube, one at the time. Tip: Use a rubber band to hold the slits as they are drying on the cardboard paper roll.

Thanksgiving Craft


Step 8.


Once dry, remove the rubber band. Cut (1) 6 x 2 ½ inch piece of black paper and wrap it around the cardboard paper roll.

Next glue the covered roll onto the second black construction paper circle cut in Step 4.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Craft


Step 9.


To dress up the hat with a “strap and buckle,” wrap a 6 x ½ inch piece of white construction paper around the bottom and adhere a large Acrylic Jewel.

Thanksgiving Paper Craft


Step 10.


To make this Pilgrim hat a place card for the Thanksgiving table, glue a Mini Wood Clothespin to the back of the hat.


Step 11.


Write a person’s name on a 2 ½ x 1 ½ inch piece of white card stock.


Step 12.


Set this Pilgrim Hat Place card on the Thanksgiving table where you plan for that guest to sit. Everyone will be impressed by your cute place cards!




History is always welcome at the table! Learn about the daily routines of the first Plymouth pilgrims while crafting their famous buckled hats! 

What’s In A Name: A pilgrimage describes a journey to a new place and the origin of the word ‘pilgrim’ comes from the Latin word ‘peregrinus,’ meaning ‘someone on a journey.’ The first settlers of North America are often called pilgrims because they sailed across the Atlantic ocean from England to a new land!

Pilgrim Life: Ever wonder what a pilgrim’s daily routine was like? Follow a typical pilgrim family and discover how they worked and played!

With your students’ newly created place cards, organize a feast to celebrate and give thanks! Go around the table and ask your students to explain one reason they are grateful that day — warm hearts and full bellies are the perfect way to remember what Thanksgiving is all about!