Pine Cone Turkey

Add basic craft accessories, like Feather, Fuzzy Sticks and Wiggly Eyes, to a pine cone and create a turkey craft for Thanksgiving!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

make a turkey craft


Thanksgiving Craft


Step 2.


First you’ll need to create the tail of the turkey. Draw a curved line through the middle of a paper plate and small triangles around the top edge of the plate.

Thanksgiving Craft Step 3.


Use scissors to cut along these lines. On the bottom edge of the plate, make (3) small cuts about ½ inch long. This will help keep the plate in place when inserted into the pine cone. Tip: Children, as young as preschool, can practice using scissors while cutting along a line drawn by an adult.


Make a Turkey Craft


Step 4.


Paint the plate and set aside to dry.

Thanksgiving Craft


Step 5. 


Draw and cut a small triangle from an orange foam sheet. Glue the triangle and (2) Wiggly Eyes onto a large Pom to form the face.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Feathers


Step 6.


Apply glue to the painted plate and glue brown Feathers in place. Tip: you can also use colorful feathers!

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts with feathers and pinecone


Step 7.


To make the legs of the turkey, wrap a 9 inch piece of orange Fuzzy Stick around the pine cone, about halfway up. Tip: You might have to adjust the Fuzzy Stick placement on the pine cone to make it stand.

Pinecone Turkey


Step 8.


Glue the head on the end of the pine cone.

Make a Pinecone Turkey


Step 9.


Fold a small piece of a red Fuzzy Stick and glue under the orange triangle beak to create the wattle, or the red area that hangs under the turkey’s beak.

Pinecone Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving


Step 10.


Slide the tail into the pine cone. The slits will make it easier for the tail to slide right into the spaces of the pine cone.

Kids Craft Pinecone Turkey


Step 11.


Adjust the legs of the turkey so that it can stand. Use as a decoration for Thanksgiving or the autumn season!